Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Perak Crisis Warrant calling for a state of Emergency

The Perak political crisis has reached a state where it may dilute the public’s trust on major institutions like the judiciary, Raja-raja Berperlembagaan, the civil service, police force, political parties, parliamentary democracy, etc., to the point that we the rakyat will have little confidence in them in the near future – rightly or wrongly.

Furthermore, business people are reluctant to invest or deal with the state government fearing that any deal signed today may be deemed as null and void tomorrow depending on both the court decisions and political chess moves from both sides, BN and PR via two MBs, two Assembly Speakers and whatever rules they can use to hold on to power. The losers are the rakyat.

As such, either PM Najib calls for fresh state elections (although I think this will make a mockery of the parliamentary democracy) or impose Emergency rule in Perak. The latter may prove unpopular but this is not the time for popularity but it is the time to remove uncertainties. PM Najib must do what is needed, not what is popular.

While I do see democracy as a more efficient way to govern society, it is not the only option. This is especially true when our ‘democratic’ leaders pick and choose when they want to follow its rule. When party hoppers hop to their side, they celebrate but when the opposite takes place, they cry foul. Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas.

So if you are going to preach me about democracy, go practice it yourself first because I am beginning to puke just thinking about your ethics and values. (Even the American leaders who want to breed democracy in other nations yet not willing to have a democratic UN). Hypocrites!

Impose Emergency Rule in Perak. Period!

Anas Zubedy


pah nur said...

"PM Najib must do what is needed, not what is popular."

Thank god it is not Hishamudin that is the PM, otherwise he will do just that....what is popular"

There are people like me who cannot eat without cili, because they love the pedas-ness. Massuchists.....

Frogging should be made illegal, period.

Whatever the outcome of Perak political struggles, BN is going to pay a heavy price next GE. It's true that in real crisis, true colors are shown. Well, it wasn't rainbow that we saw hitherto...

Keang said...

A scary idea indeed!

As the rakyat are the ultimate deciders, why can't we break this impasse with a statewide election?

I disagree. Let the Perakians decide!

vinnan said...

With reference to the party hoppers, there is a difference between saying we want to use frogs to topple the government and actually using them to topple a government. Perhaps UMNO would do well to see this difference. It is not too late for UMNO to extricate themselves from Perak via a political solution. Since UMNO controls all the levers of government it would not be difficult for UMNO to engineer a political solution.

It is this failure to engineer an exit from Perak which is forcing UMNO to stay away from Penanti due to the fear of a MALAY backlash over the Perak fiasco. However, staying away is no solution for now comes a by-election in Kelantan. UMNO or should I say Najib cannot hide forever. Najib will have to clean up this pile of shit himself. When he changed the tertiary degree requirement from from 4 to 3 years it created a mess which he just walked away from. Now he has Zahid Hamidi to clean up his mess at the defense ministry. Najib should listen to Mathias Chang whom we all know are speaking for Mahathir. Get out of Perak,focus on the economy and the voters will forget Perak. Mahathir is right for Malaysians mudah lupa. A froggie installed government is the best way to keep Najib away from focussing on the economy and reminding Malaysians of Najib's folly.

Malaysian Heart said...

A state of emergency allows the government to curtail or suspend human rights & civil liberties. Therefore, it must only be used when absolutely necessary, such as during times of natural disaster, civil disorder or war. Last I checked, Perak has not descended to that yet.

You say that fresh elections would "make a mockery of the parliamentary democracy". Please explain. As I see it, elections are what gives Democracy its legitimacy & power. Elections do not mock Democracy, they exalt it. To deny the Rakyat of Perak their right to decide their government & break this deadlock through fresh elections would be tantamount to punishing the Rakyat for the sins of the political parties. Holding fresh elections now would teach both parties that it is the Rakyat who are their true masters to whom they are accountable.

Furthermore, imposing a state of emergency in Perak at this point would in effect mean handing over power to one of the two squabbling parties. Therefore, I would question the true motives of anyone who proposes it. Of late there have been attempts to give Democracy a bad name in Malaysia, a trend which I have written about here. As I have come to truly respect & appreciate your thoughts, writings & initiatives so far, I sincerely hope that this post of yours is not another such attempt.

If it is only efficiency you want, you would be better off in a dictatorship. I choose Democracy not for its efficiency, but for its human rights, justice & empowerment of individuals like you & me. I believe that Democracy is the most effective at giving us the freedom to build our happiness & success.

In the words of Winston Churchill, "Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time."

Democracy may make you puke, but Dictatorship will lobotomize you. Let the Rakyat of Perak choose NOW. Period!