Friday, December 24, 2010

Azwan Ismail - I am Gay, I am Okay :)

Peace and sigh ...

Some ignorant Muslims want to kill Azwan simply because he confessed his feelings - that he is attracted to men, not women.

Something he has no control, something innate in his brainworks (go read the latest abt brain science). In short he is Gay. ( read here )

Some years ago, another Muslim by the name of Sulaiman X created a storm in doing the same. Not surprising, if you read the comments and threats thrown at him is similar to Azwan's case. I wrote back to him, with kind words and suggesting he be strong.

An ignorant Muslim was quik to write me a crude post - and straight away played God and called me a gay too, simply because I was kind to Sulaiman :)

Below, i reproduce the letters. In it there are some key points to ponder for those who want to kill Azwan :)

Subject: Salam
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 15:28:12 +0800 (MYT)
From: Zubedy

On At 10:32 12/28/98 PST, this chap wrote me this comments which i assume being a reaction to my note to Sulayman X on the subject earlier. They are derogatory remarks in crude language for Malaysian.

>BArua cilaka lu..pondan gay ....
>Haram jadah ....
>PAndai-pandai keluar fatwa...
>Setan Babi
>Kelab AntiGay SeMalaysia
>Vice President...



I am not gay, pondan, etc and very much a lover of the Quran. My sexual inclination is 100% heterosexual. I belief in Allah, the Last Day and Taqwa. I read the Quran or Islamic writings almost everyday of my life. I think your note is very UnIslamic. Do not do that. Remember that our Prophet was even kind to his greatest enemies. So was Prophet Isa and all our past Prophets.

If you want to help the Gays you hate so much, you must first learn to understand and care for them. That is what I am trying to do. But first we must have enough knowledge. For example, being Gay does not mean you must be a pondan. Pondans are transvestites or those such as who are born with a male body but want to be a female. By saying someone is a male gay, it is
usually implying that he is a man who finds another man attractive. He will not for example find a transvestite attractive. Similarly to a female gay(lesbian), she will find another female attractive and perhaps even a transvestite.

Furthermore, there are also those who were born with two sex organs. So , this subject is larger than we might think. What about heterosexual men who also get a kick at looking at transvestites?

If you are a Vice-President of the club, humbly I suggest you expand your knowledge on the subject. I hope you are aware that in history, Islamic Civilizations are the most tolerant to gays or 'khunsa' as compared to other civilizations. If you are serious about the subject and really want to make Islam relevant to our and the future generation, write back to me like a Muslim should with proper salutations of salam and I will help you understand things better.

If you prefer to just take the simple route of throwing insults without really striving and working hard, than go ahead but nothing much will grow out of your work.

As the Quran stressed ' Do you think that you would enter Jannah while yet God knoweth not those of you who
really strive, not knoweth those(of you)who are steadfast '(Quran 3:142).

Say you are right. That Islam is against homosexuality as you see it. What than is God trying to tell us in Quran 52:24-28 about Paradise? For your benefit I will provide you all the translations below in Bahasa Malaysia

Quran 52:24-28
'Dan mereka dilayani oleh anak-anak muda lelaki yang sentiasa beredar di sekitar mereka, (yang cantik parasnya) seolah-olah anak-anak muda itu mutiara yang tersimpan dengan sebaik-baiknya.Dan (dengan berada dalam ni'mat itu) mereka berhadap-hadapan satu sama lain sambil bertanya-tanya.Mereka berkata: "Sesungguhnya kamu dahulu, semasa berada dalam kalangan keluarga kami selalu merasa cemas takut (daripada berlaku derhaka kepada Allah),"Maka Allah mengurniakan kami (rahmat dan taufiqNya), serta memelihara kami dari azab neraka.'"Sesungguhnya kami dahulu tetap menyembahNya (dan memohon pertolonganNya). Kerana sesungguhnya Dialah sahaja yang sentiasa melimpahkan ihsanNya, lagi Yang Maha Mengasihani"

In my entire reading about our Prophet's call for Islam even to
those who tried to kill him, those who humiliated Muslims and Islam, torture good Muslims etc. etc. never once I found the Prophet using the arabic equivalent to the words you used like 'haram jadah,pundek,celaka, setan babi'.

For example " His own treatment with his bitterest enemies is the noblest example for his followers. At the conquest of Mecca, he stood at the zenith of his power. The city which had refused to listen to his mission, which had tortured him and his followers, which had driven him and his people into exile and which had unrelentingly persecuted and boycotted him even when he had taken refuge in a place more than 200 miles away, that city now lay at his feet.

By the laws of war he could have justly avenged all the cruelties inflicted on him and his people. But what treatment did he accord to them? Mohammad's heart flowed with affection and he declared, "This day, there is no REPROOF against you and you are all free." "This day" he proclaimed, "I trample under my feet all distinctions between man and man, all hatred between man and man." ("Islam and Modern age", Hydrabad, March 1978-By Prof. K. S. Ramakrishna Rao)

Surely you must have learned those words from outside the Islamic traditions. Do choose your teachers carefully.

" Are those who know equal with those who know not?
But only men of understanding will pay heed" Quran 39:9

If you have yet to understand my message, what I am suggesting is simple. Even if you are right about Islam's position with regards to Gays, your behavior is totally not Islamic.


Anas Zubedy


Anonymous said...

Shhhh Anas... Dont ask dont tell.. It's Malaysia, Truly Asia!


Anonymous said...

I know those people are lack of knowledge..
It's good to be a friend to those who are gay... but still the meaning of the friendship is not because we are also gay.. we should be a friend and try to bring them to the correct path.. In Islam, if a guy is wired wrong, meaning if he is interested in another man, he should be held back against his will to even meet the significant other. he will have to be reeducated and pray to Allah for help and give guidance. no matter what, love relationship between the same gender is forbidden.. even if you are attracted to the same gender, you must restrain yourself and pray to Allah and ask for help from Allah.. that's the only way..

notenotingnoted said...

I salute you.

Alee said...

Very well said, Anas.

LGBTs are a group of misunderstood people and indeed we need to understand them first before we can pass any judgement on them.

I do wish everyone is treated as humanely as should be, be they straights or LGBTs

WHERE2 said...

I always refrain my kids from passing untoward judgements or show any signs of disrespect, where gays are concerned..

even at a very young age, I will explain to them the basic facts of life;

That not everyone is BORN the same.


afiqrahmat said...

Salam Mr Anas,

firstly i would like to say that i agree with the response you made to mr VP of club antigay semalaysia.

But might i suggest that you perhaps change your method of approach.

basically, i think we should try to deliver our nasihats with packagings that would suit the receiver best. especially being in malaysia where we have different cultural backgrounds and upbringing.. ok maybe the upbringing part can be applied worlwide.

i hope you understand what i am trying to say because i fully agree with your message and your sincerity is something i really admire.

i find it very sad if mr vp of club antigay semalaysia were to disregard the contents of your msg (even if it were 12 years ago.. lol) simply because it was written in a format he is uncomfortable with.

p/s: i stumbled upon your book in MPH a few weeks ago but hesitated in getting a copy. but after going through your blog, i would definitely get myself a copy ASAP!

keep up the good work brother..

Afiq Rahmat

Ir MALAYSIAN 2020 said...

ANAS,my friend,you maybe the pacifist type,as far as Gay issue is concerned. You read Quran and I assumed you are ALLAH fearing man.

But have you read the Surah about Nabi Lut ?? where Allah clearly stated what happened to those who practised Homosexualilty??

Its comparative to take pity to the the plight of PROSTITUTE,for example.BUT does that make or justify PROSTITUTION Right or OK???
even though prostitution is the oldest profession on earth???

Get into the RIGHT PARADIGM,bro...

Ir.Malaysian 2020

Anonymous said...

I wish these self righteous people should stop judging other's for being different and instead look into solving their own problems. There is a saying; it may be of Christian origin, but I believe it implies to all people, it goes something like this; Before trying remove a splinter from your brother's eye, remove the log which is in yours.

Obefiend Weiland said...

it is amazing that 12 years on those anti LBGT people would still use the same cussing technique to show you that they are right..

Anonymous said...

No crime born a gay, it's also God's creation but man want punish,ignorance is the greatest problem

anis yew said...

dear writer and readers alike, there is no conclusive evidence that shows human beings are born with any gay gene, by which i meant, there is no scientific evidence that proves we are born gay. ideas were written and tested but no experiment has ever proven that some of us are born as gays. such is the idea that some of us are born criminals. what scientists managed to find and prove, is the fact that our brains can later develop those inclinations- with so many other factors involved, mainly environment.if we look back centuries ago, when the first humans were created, GOD created a female and a male. that alone proves that our nature as GOD has intended it to be- heterosexual. however, that being said, no one has the right to beat people up because they are different. other alternatives and helps are available, why resort to violence? are we animals?

Anonymous said...

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farahnur said...


izinkan saya perbetulkan translation ayat 52:24 di atas, "di sekitar mereka ada anak2 muda yang berkeliling untuk (melayani) mereka, seakan2 mereka itu mutiara yang tersimpan."

mereka yang dinyatakan disini merujuk kepada orang2 beriman, merujuk kepada ayat sebelumnya iaitu ayat 21 di surah yang sama. maksudnya daripada ayat 21 hingga ke ayat 28, kesemua perkataan mereka itu secara spesifik merujuk kepada orang2 yang beriman dan cucu2 mereka yang turut sama beriman dengan Allah.

kalau boleh, saya pohon jasa baik saudara untuk mengambil ayat2 alQuran secara keseluruhan dan nyatakan dengan jelas golongan apakah yang dimaksudkan dalam Al Quran, kerana ayat2 dalam Al Quran mempunyai hubungkait dalam satu surah tersebut dan dengan surah2 yang lain. terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Salam Anas,

Just want to share about what Quran say about homosexual.

[7.80] Dan (Kami juga telah mengutus) Lut (kepada kaumnya). (Ingatlah) tatkala dia berkata kepada kaumnya: "Mengapa kamu mengerjakan perbuatan faahisyah itu, yang belum pernah dikerjakan oleh seorang pun (di dunia ini) sebelummu?"

[7.81] Sesungguhnya kamu mendatangi lelaki untuk melepaskan nafsumu (kepada mereka), bukan kepada wanita, malah kamu ini adalah kaum yang melampaui batas.

[7.82] Jawab kaumnya tidak lain hanya mengatakan: "Usirlah mereka (Lut dan pengikut-pengikutnya) dari kotamu ini; sesungguhnya mereka adalah orang-orang yang berpura-pura menyucikan diri."

[7.83] Kemudian Kami selamatkan dia dan pengikut-pengikutnya kecuali istrinya; dia termasuk orang-orang yang tertinggal (dibinasakan).

[7.84] Dan Kami turunkan kepada mereka hujan (batu); maka perhatikanlah bagaimana kesudahan orang-orang yang berdosa itu.

safiona's blog said...

i don't hate gays...i only hate their immoral practices...if gays try hard enough to change themselves to be a better people (God-fearing people), I'm sure nobody would want to criticize or comment or make negative remarks on declaring themselves openly as gays here in Malaysia would only contribute more problems as our culture doesn't allow people to openly declare their sexuality...bear in mind that we are not western nations! their mind has been corrupted for years and years and slowly these corrupt ideas begin to spread all over the world incl. malaysia..why??? If you read more about Freemasonry/'ll get the answer there and of their main agendas is to make us deviate from the straight path..not to worship God alone but to worship materialism, power, money and anything that matters.

FYI, God design our bodies to complement each other...male and female...that's why we are created with two different sexual organs...these organs are designed for men and women for reproduction purpose and not to abuse them by having same sex relationship...if your body is able to speak, it will surely 'curse' at you back...think about it!

Anonymous said...

it's very interesting! im Johny always very love free gay movies

Waterford said...

God created animals, and there are studies that show animals as having behaviours that are considered gay. I know, i know humans are way different from animals. But animals stay to their nature and their behaviours rarely change. And their behaviours are instinctive something that part of the human brain still share.