Thursday, February 16, 2012

My letter to Raja Nong Chik

Salam Raja Nong Chik,

How are you?

I have been receiving SMS-es from you on several occasions, and I am assuming you will be contesting in Lembah Pantai, my voting area in the next general elections. I would be very thankful if you could spare some time for a meet to discuss a few things.

I have initiated a plan to ensure that only the best candidate will represent the rakyat. I am not partisan, and as such I am willing to vote the best candidate, be they from Pakatan Rakyat, Barisan Nasional or Independents.

I would like to have a contract, albeit a halal one, with the potential candidates. I have a wish list that I would like you and your opponent to look into before I make my decision on who to vote. I do not expect you to agree to every item, but the candidate who agrees and promises to do more will get my vote.

Here is my list for discussion, that you:

i. Propose the enactment of non-party hopping within six months and continue to push it forward until the law is in place. You personally will not party hop and will open and explicitly go against the acceptance of any party-hoppers into your team

ii. Speak on behalf of all Malaysians regardless of race or religion at all times and never fight only for one community

iii. Promote economic policies that provide support to all Malaysians in the bottom 40% strata of society, regardless of race

iv. Publicly declare your assets with a third party register with a legally binding statutory declaration

v. Propose to make the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) report directly to Parliament, within six months of the GE and continue to fight for it until the law is in place

vi. Call for a press conference within a month after the elections and show clear knowledge, appreciation and support that the Malay and indigenous customs form our core culture, while the Chinese,Indian and other cultures play strong supporting roles as part and parcel to form the unique Malaysia brand

vii. Practice empathy; e.g. - refuse to allow beef or pork to be served or sold in all government-related premises, projects and all party activities.

viii. Initiate a process to work towards one-stream schools which also adequately provides for all who want to learn their vernacular languages, to be established within the next fifteen years. Propose a contitutional change to make this happen within six months after elections.

ix. Ensure that at least 50% of your work schedule is allocated for working directly for the people in your constituency, you will clock in the hours and keep a monthly report of these efforts

x. Rise above party politics, and keep the above nine conditions even if it goes against your party

Please note that I will be recording a video of your pledge and I will be uploading it onto my Facebook and other social media avenues.

I will be most happy to meet you in the first two weeks of March. I can be contacted at,, or 03-77270758.

Thank you.


anas zubedy


Anonymous said...

If I may add another one;

Propose that all members of the dewans to berjiwa rakyat by using public transport AT LEAST twice a month, no escorts, bodyguards and/or special arrangements.


Anonymous said...

stupid ..too idealistic, even the chinese party leaders in beijing are also corrupts meh...despite all slogans of equality etc...

Anonymous said...

Dear Anas,

If i may add another one too..

Propose that the price of books in this country to be affordable to the masses. We don't want the young to be reading only gossip magazines etc. which carry little value to their knowledge and upbringings.


fky harayz said...

did u get a reply?

Anonymous said...

No beef no pork ...i'm cool with that. We ikut sunnah eat kambing. Yeay! I love kambing! Oh are awesome ;)

Anonymous said...

Why must the Chinese and Indian be the support group and the Malay the core group? RACIAL.