Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update on YB Fuziah & Tan Keng Liang LYNAS debate

UPDATES on YB Fuziah Salleh & Tan Keng Liang Debate:

The Lynas Advance Materials Plant (LAMP) project – Pros and Cons

To recap:

I came across the debate on Twitter between YB Fuziah Salleh and Tan Keng Liang on the Lynas plant issue. Both sides were already Tweeting about their willingness to debate and I offered to be the moderator and organizer to move the debate out of Twitter into reality.

Now the next step is to put things in order. To recap, the purpose of the debate is:

  1. To find out the truth about the Lynas plant issue;
  2. To detach the issue from politics and look squarely at the facts;
  3. To provide a neutral and balanced platform for factual information to be aired.

Updates on the Debate Format

We have taken propositions from both sides as best as we could based on the debate format previously released here -

YB Fuziah suggested

i) that more time should be given for speakers

ii) to add one more panelist to each side

We have agreed to these requests. The organizer has the final word on the following format and conditions and these will no longer be open to discussion.

Debate Format


Debate Title:

The Lynas Advance Materials Plant (LAMP) project – Pros and Cons

There will be three panelists in each team - Two debaters and one industry expert. In the interest of time, each debater will be apportioned 15 minutes, and each expert will be given 20 minutes.

The format will be as follows:

· First speaker proposition – 15 minutes

· First speaker opposition – 15 minutes

· Second speaker proposition – 15 minutes

· Second speaker opposition – 15 minutes

· Expert on opposition side – 20 minutes

· Expert on proposition side – 20 minutes

· Questions from the floor


In order to allow for a substantial debate session and remove any unnecessary repetitions, we recommend the following guidelines:

  1. Technical and scientific facts and figures, issues of radioactivity, biochemical effects of rare earth metals on humans, etc. best be handled by experts in the field as scientific backup to the debate on both sides.
  1. We suggest that the other two speakers focus on these key areas.
    • Do we have the following adequately in place to allow for safe setting up and running of a rare earth refinery plant?

i. Processes and administrative systems – Are they tight enough to ensure no complications before, during and after plant is set up?

ii. Legislation – Are our existing laws adequate to support safety and deter any wrongdoing? Do we have enough law enforcement bodies to deal with issues that may arise in dealing in this industry?

iii. Procedures and standards, monitoring mechanisms, maintenance cycles etc. – What do we have in place and are they good enough?

· What are the role of politicians on all sides to ensure minimal risk to people and what are the checking mechanisms to make sure its followed through? Is it being followed in the Lynas case?

· The impacts of the project:

i. Economic impact?

ii. Technological impact i.e. transfer of technology?

iii. Business-related impact?

iv. Environmental impact?

v. Social impact?

vi. Global impact?

· Lessons from the past – Asian Rare Earth case in Bukit Merah. What have we learnt from it, what steps, systems, processes have we put in place to ensure the mistakes that caused it is in no way repeated. How far have we corrected the misgivings? Will it happen again?



1) Tan Keng Liang

2) *Second speaker

3) *Expert Panelist


1) YB Hajjah Fuziah Salleh

2) *Second speaker

3) *Expert Panelist

*Both teams shall choose their own speakers and expert panelist and are free to organize their own teams.

With interest to the subject at hand, the second speaker should preferably be an environmentalist. The Expert panelist must be credible and their credentials must be furnished.

  • Please submit the names of team members plus experts by 14 March 2012, Wednesday, 12 noon via e-mail to


Audience: By invitation only. Each side will be apportioned a maximum of 30 seats for supporters.

  • We will request each side to register the names and I.C. numbers of their 30 supporters at a later date.
  • Another 30 seats will be allocated for media representatives.
  • Registered audience will be allocated numbered seats. No last minute changes will be entertained.


Debate will be held at zubedy’s training suite in Kuala Lumpur. Address as follows:

Zubedy (m) sdn. bhd.

Level 3, Wisma W.I.M.

7 Jalan Abang Hj Openg

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

60000 Kuala Lumpur.


Because it will be a rather lengthy session, the debate must be held on a weekend. We have decided on a Saturday morning. Taking into account scheduling, time to prepare, etc. we maintain either one of these proposed dates:

  • 14th April 2012 or 5th May 2012



  • The debate session will be STRICTLY NON-POLITICAL. Both sides and their supporters are forbidden to bear anything with political connotations, e.g. T-shirts, placards, etc. The whole session will be held in a straightforward setting, conducive for the uncovering of facts, figures and truth. Both parties MUST ensure that no gathering be allowed to take place at, in the vicinity, or in relation to this debate.
  • Speakers, experts and audience must keep to the issue of the pros and cons of the Lynas Advance Materials Plant (LAMP) project. Any arguments brought forth must directly address the issue at hand.


Off-site Viewing & Participation:

  • The debate, presentation by experts and question & answer session will be streamed ‘live’ on an online platform.
  • There will be ‘live’ Twitter updates. We will also receive questions via Twitter for the Question/Answer session.
  • The debate, presentations and question session will be recorded in video form. A verbatim transcription of the debate will be made for future reference.
  • Organizers are considering producing a booklet of the contents discussed and generated in this debate session. Costs will be borne by us; any profit will be redirected to a related cause (to be decided).


YB Fuziah Salleh and Tan Keng Liang are requested to indicate their confirmation for the debate via an official e-mail to, by this Friday (9 March 2012), 6.00 p.m. Failure to do so, unless with good reason, will be considered as a pull out.

Names of team members and expert panel must be submitted by Wednesday, 14 March 2012, 12 noon.

Anas Zubedy


JinHou said...

No the debate should be held at Kuantan. The gomen said that 97% of Kuantan ppl support the plant mah. Let's see if that's true. Don't chicken out Tan Keng Liang, be a man and have the debate in Kuantan. I suggest a big hall, coz I expect it to be full, and open to all. Let's organize!!!

JinHou said...

Good news. The Pahlawan Hijau Kuantan will help you organize the whole thing. We will book the Kuantan hall for you, prepare the PA system, contact media, we'll run the whole show for you ya. But of course the condition is that it will be held in Kuantan. Agreed?

Minyak Man said...

Instead of holding a debate based on facts and figure, i suspect most people just want to see who brings the most supporters to the event so they can win the cheer and booing contest.

Please grow up