Friday, September 14, 2012

#SaySomethingNice - Record-breaking food.

As a young nation of 57 years old, we have quite a few things to be corrected, but there is one thing we Malaysians always do it right – food. In the Malaysia Book Of Record, among many feats such conquering the Mount Everest and a sprinter who broke the World Record twice in a day, we also have Malaysians making big food that could literally feed a giant. Here are some of my favorites.

Longest Pizza
In 2006, Rajesh Kanna with six assistant chefs of the Westin Hotel set the record for the longest pizza in Malaysia. Measuring at 157 meters, the pizza was actually a record-breaker for their previously longest Malaysian pizza at 83 meters. The current longest pizza in Malaysia took 5 hours to cook, with 150 kg of flour, 105 kg of mozzarella, and 70 liters of tomato sauce. The pizzas were rectangular and cooked through a conveyor oven, were lined up on the tables were they fused with blowtorches to cover each seam. The longest pizza was then sold to the watching crowd and the proceeds went to charity. 

In the same year, 200 KPJ Ipoh employees rolled 18,000 spring rolls. They took 3 hours to complete the unbelievable deed, where the rolls were again lined up on tables. The total length of the spring rolls was 2,000, to emulate the length of Sultan Azlan Shah Airport runway, although the spring roll formation could not be laid in a single line as it would have been impractical.

Bubur Lambuk

Another tasty addition to Malaysia Book of Records is Masjid Jamek Kg. Baru’s Bubur Lambuk. In Ramadhan 2005, 120 large pots of it were cooked, making it the largest amount of bubur cooked in one sitting ever. This Bubur Lambak affair epitomizes Malay’s gotong-royong culture, I think,

Roti John
January 2011 saw the making of Malaysia’s longest Roti John. Carrefour Sri Petaling participated under the Malaysia Book of Records Project. The project was held to raise funds for a Cheras orphanage, Rumah Bodhi. The famous line formation was again used to achieve this; the breads were spread in 2 linear lines measuring 
to 200 meters. To celebrate their effort, the organizer made kids from the orphanage perform a traditional drumming number.

Kuih Apam
Another Malaysian favorite kuih was made the main ingredient of another national food record. In January 2010, 200 Hospitality and Culinary Art students of PTPL College baked 30,000 kuih apam and used them to form the 1Malaysia logo. The students spent two days baking. Another 4 hours were spent arranging all the kuih apam in the middle of an open field under the hot sun, and their effort proved worthwhile as they are now in the Malaysia Book of Record. At least these youngsters have something different to boast about to their               friends.

You know how people always say, “Go hard or go home”? We are certainly not “going home” when it comes to our food. We love our food in a big, and of course, long way.

And I say, this is one of the nice things we Malaysians do. 

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