Thursday, December 20, 2012

Have a Meaningful Christmas - tomorrow in The STAR

 Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556)
"Act as if everything depended on you; trust as if everything depended on

Back to Basics – Know ourselves, Listen.

Nations, organisations, businesses, and individuals must stop from time to time and reflect. We must cultivate habits of on-going reflection and self-evaluation.

When we reflect, we must ask questions both from our head and our heart. Intelligence alone is insufficient, we must also use wisdom. Intelligence may give us the facts, but wisdom helps us find meaning. Ignatius of Loyola advocated self-evaluation to achieve one’s higher goals in life. 

There are two good ways of doing this. One is listening to feedback; it is through feedback that we discover our strengths. Two; practice deliberate self-doubt. Just in case we are wrong. Just in case we are blind to something that is important.

When we listen to feedback and practice self-doubt we discover new roads to our journey, new avenues for our discovery, and new strengths for our triumphs. If we refuse to listen and practise self-doubt, we are too arrogant for our own good. And this arrogance will be the main cause of our downfall. We are not suggesting that we ignore our weaknesses. Bad habits that stop us from performing must be cured. But, it is through focusing on our strengths that will give maximum impact.

Reflections can help us know where we are. When we know where we are, we can then move forward. In reflection we can find out what we are doing or failing to do that stops us from achieving our potentials.

In moving forward, we must work from our strengths. One can perform only from strength. We must spend time identifying our core abilities, our forte. We must put ourselves where our strength can produce results.

We must find the time to ask; 

What are our strengths as a nation? Are we performing from our strengths? Is our strength Unity in diversity? What are the bad habits that hinder our performance? Are we a nation of complainers and whiners? What about our organisations? What about our businesses? What about us as individuals? 

This Christmas Holiday let us reflect and find some answers. But to get to the answers, we must be willing to listen. We must be willing to practise deliberate self-doubt.

At zubedy, our programs draw strength from shared values and traditions. We believe that at heart, all Malaysians want good things for themselves and for their brother and sister Malaysians, simply because our nation cannot prosper as a whole if some of us are left behind. 

Let us be first and foremost Malaysians. 

Let us add value,
Have A Meaningful Christmas.

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ninotaziz said...

I chose today as a day of reflection too.