Thursday, January 17, 2013

TWZ - Aren't We All Malaysians?

Zubedy is happy to present our latest book titled, “Aren’t We All Malaysians” by YB Datuk Dr Mujahid Yusof (current MP of Parit Buntar; Chairman of PAS’ National Unity Committee).
The book narrates the personal stories, aspirations, and drive of the parliamentarian in his Unity effort to bring all Malaysians together.
Below is the foreword by Anas Zubedy:

"And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colours: verily in that are Signs for those who know." – Quran 30:22
Mujahid and I have been friends since our Form Six days at Penang Free School. We were in the same class. I am also familiar with Mujahid’s late father, Yusof Rawa, the president of PAS in the late 80’s and his more forward thoughts compared to his contemporaries regarding PAS policies. I have always kept abreast with Mujahid’s journey and some of our ideas resonate each other.
At zubedy, our core value is uniting people. Anybody who chooses the same undertaking albeit different approaches is our friend. As far as we are concerned, any Unity movement or endeavour is above politics. We encourage every political body, business organisation, NGO, and civil movement to have their own Unity initiative and Unity cause. zubedy has been promoting Unity with our ‘Many Colors One Race’ platform which we live by and incorporate into everything that we do when we deal with our clients, staff, family, and friends. Furthermore, zubedy believes in adding value to everything that we undertake. Mujahid’s ways reveal how Islam adds value to the Malay race. In this book, Mujahid demonstrates how the Malays are universally connected to the rest of the world through Islam.
As Mujahid heads PAS’ National Unity Committee, he is PAS’ trustee to explore the dynamics between the Muslims and non-Muslims.

Read the rest of the foreword here.
To know more, get your copy of Aren’t We All Malaysians by YB Datuk Dr Mujahid Yusof. The book is available at the retail price of RM34.90.
* For direct orders and bulk purchases (at a discounted price), please email No postage fee for Semenanjung Malaysia.
** The book will be available in all major bookstores.


soren said...

i like the shad saleem faruqi's book that you published. will get this one too :)

Anonymous said...

My comment may not be related to the book but I hope that you will allow me to make a comment on your end note, “Many colours one race.” What I hate most when filling up forms is the question on Nationality where it is broken up into the different races, Malay, Chinese Indian and others. Why can’t our nationality be just Malaysian, it sounds nicer and that’s what we really are.
So if we are going to be one united race I think we should do away with this race system. I am proud to be a Malaysian and that’s the attitude all of us should have irrespective of what race we belong to. As long as there is a race classification there can never be a united “one race” so to speak and that is why we have to do away with this race system.