Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Have A Meaningful Vaisakhi - Wednesday in The STAR

Prof Dr Satwant Singh Dhaliwal (1933 – 2015); a celebrated Malaysian scientist and educationist who contributed to the nation with his dedication and intellectual leadership.

Let us be Moderate: Always add value

In our Chinese New Year message, we elaborated the eighth point of the Ten Principles for a Moderate Malaysian. For our Vaisakhi advert, we would like to share the ninth principle. Do look forward to the tenth and final principle.
Principle Number Nine.

I will always add value to everyone, every situation and everything that I interact with.

1.    What does it mean to always add value?
At every point of our lives, we need to make sure that we add value by making everything better. There are big legacies to leave behind, such as the invention of technology and medical advancement, and there are small legacies, that when accumulated on a daily basis, help make the world a better place.  We can always add value in all spheres of lives – relationship, family, work, society, nation and ultimately, the world.

2.    How to always add value?
There are people who add value by becoming the best parents, painters, doctors or businessmen. But there are also people who add value simply by putting a smile on a person’s face, showing gratitude and appreciation to everyone around them with a simple please and thank you. Adding value means that every time we leave a person, a situation or anything that we interact with, we leave it in a better state and condition. A person who aims to add value is willing to go above and beyond. If you see an empty land, plant something. If you see an unhappy child, make the child laugh. If you see an incomplete task, finish it. If you see rubbish on the ground, pick it up. If you see an injustice happening, speak up.

3.    Why moderate Malaysians must jump on this bandwagon?
Moderate Malaysians who walk the middle path, and not be in the extremes of things are more able to see opportunities to do good. They make positive changes and contributions. Moderation creates openness, acceptance and cultivates love, respect and empathy. Moderates are at the forefront in tapping opportunities to add value. Moderates always add value and play the role in making the world a better place.

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