Thursday, May 23, 2019


I posted on FB and Twitter this comment earlier today. Some agreed, while others are not happy. “UNIVERSITY PLACEMENT FOR PALESTINIANS Pls remember. We are not as poor & challenged as the Palestinians & many other nations. Let us not allow our shallow racial quota quarrels blind us on our humanity. We are always great at humanitarian work. Peace.”
Those who disagreed stressed that charity must start at home. I fully agree. But it also depends on what is home to you? For some, home is their immediate family. There are also those who identify home to only those who originate from their own state like Penang or Johore. There would be others who feel only for their own ethnic groups. Home is their racial grouping. They want as much as possible, like as many matriculation placements as possible for their own ethnic group. Many may identify home to only those who share their own faith. To each its own. Yet, there would also be those who see the whole world as home – mother earth. All of humanity and all humans as family. I belong to this last group. A few places in the public university for the Palestinians or any other poor or tragic nations is all right for me. We are not giving them overly much, just a tad of a few places in our higher institute of learning with the hope many other countries do the same. A little help here, a little help there can perhaps help a nation crippled with war to one day build their country again. It is like what we Malaysians always do when someone needs help – like a poor kid that needs medical attention or when there is a calamity somewhere, be it an earthquake or flood. When we donate some cash, it does not mean that the money cannot be used to help a close family member in need or used to better our own flood situation in Kelantan or Kedah. It is just that deep in our hearts, we know that the kid and those people in need are somehow connected to us is humanity. And we are hopeful, the little help we give, may help them go far. As I suggested in my earlier post stated above, let us not allow our shallow racial quota quarrels blind us on our humanity. We are better than that. We are Malaysians. So, what is home to you? But we can agree to disagree. Thank you and Peace, Anas Zubedy Kuala Lumpur

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