Monday, December 14, 2020


By anas zubedy: Friday 18/12/2020 530 – 730 PM M’sian time.

Are you planning to jump into a business or already started one?

In this webinar, I will share MY experience and ideas on starting, building and maintaining a socially responsible business. I will take you through what is considered the real purpose of business and how a business contributes to society.

I will also share my idea on the 4 crucial business functions an organization must do right before it can achieve success. 

The role of profit in business will be deliberated and how to acceptably map profit to social entrepreneurship.

The talk will provide conceptual frameworks and needs that covers Innovation, Marketing, Duplication and Management as well as what type of skills and talents are needed to achieve them. 

You will find that the ideas presented are universal and are applicable to Large, Medium-sized and Small businesses too.

This is part of Taylor’s University & University of Dhaka’s UNDERSTANDING ASIAN TRANSFORMATIONS: YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS series of webinars.

Peace, anas

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