Monday, August 30, 2021


“Who do you love more? Your mom or dad?”

A wicked man asks a little child, " Who do you love? Your mom or your dad?" The child happily replied, "I love them both".
"But who do you love more?" the wicked man continued. The child this time feeling a little confused answered again, "I love them both".
The wicked man pushed further, " But, who do you love more? You must choose!".
The child troubled, murmured, " Can I not love them equally?".
The wicked man insisted, “No, you must choose!”
The child confused and feeling a piercing pain in his heart sat quietly by himself as the wicked man walked away happily.
The wicked man called his boss, Satan and proudly reported, “Boss, I have planted the seed of trouble in the child’s heart as you have commanded. Rest assure another broken family will be joining you”.
NOTE – Now exchange Mom and Dad with Ethnicity and Citizenship, Malay or Malaysian, Chinese or Malaysian, Indian or Malaysian ….
Peace, anas

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