Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hari Malaysia Celebration - As Featured in The Star

Saturday September 20, 2008
Star Metro
Great time at Malaysia Day party

THE staff and clients of Zubedy, a training and development firm, had a great time at the Malaysia Day party hosted by the company at its training suite in Wisma Wim in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, on Sept 16.

It was the 8th year the company organised such a party to commemorate Malaysia Day.
The floor of the small but cozy training suite, covered with traditional mats, was decorated with cultural items such as tea lights, oriental umbrellas and colourful lights entwined with an organza hanging from the ceiling.

Those present had fun learning how to make ketupats and chose their own Henna designs. Each of them was given a scented book mark at the aromatherapy corner.
Zubedy managing director Anas Zubedy said in his welcome speech that both the Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations should be kept free from partisan politics.

“We should make it a tradition that the 17 days from Merdeka Day on Aug 31 to Malaysia Day on Sept 16 should be a time for an active and deliberate endeavour to unite, look for similarities and shared values. They should be days of truce,” he said.

According to Anas, the company has been hosting Malaysia Day celebrations since 2001 as it believes in the values of unity.

“This year’s theme ‘Many colours, one race’ was chosen as it is easy to remember. The concept is that we’re all one race, so people can unite. We don’t deny our own ethnicity but we also belong to one human race,” he said.

Guests enjoyed the sumptuous feast and took their fill of the multi-cultural cuisine. Beef, however, was not served as the company respected the religious beliefs of the Buddhists and Hindus. Instead, vegetarian dishes were served.

The guests were also treated to a host of performances.
Facilitator Sharon Ng had the audience in stitches with her standup comedy on Malaysians and even took a jab at herself.

“I have many cysts in my body, not my physical body but my mental body. I’m a racist, sexist and passivist. I’m even racist towards my own race, the Chinese,” she joked.
The company’s multiracial employees also talked about “10 good things you can tell your children about other races”.

It is obvious that Malaysians are passionate about food as among the 10 good things, food is top of the list. Bidayuh make the best pangkang (lemang), Kadazans make the best tapai (rice wine), Malays make the best sambal belacan, etc,

Guests were also fascinated by an Iban cultural dance. The live performance of P. Ramlee classic songs by the “Zubedy Idols” brought back nostalgic memories.

Students of the Kelly Dance School received enthusiastic applause and acclamation from the guests for their cultural dances. Guests took home goodie bags containing colourful bangles, a bookmark, notebooks and a T-shirt designed specially for Malaysia Day.

One of the guests, Zainifah Ahmad, said Malaysia Day should be made a public holiday. “This is a very significant event, and it is high time that everyone celebrate Malaysia Day, too, instead of just Merdeka,” she said.

Mohd Hedzri P. Jaafar said it was the second time he was attending a Malaysia Day celebration at Zubedy and he enjoyed every moment of it. “It is something refreshing. Everyone is just talking about Malaysia Day but not many know the story behind it. More people should be made aware of it,” he said.

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Steven Sia said...


I fully agreed that we are all the same as we are created by our GOD as quoted "We created you from a single (pair) male and female"

It is really sad that currently some of the mufti is actually fighting for their own race without knowing that we are all the same. They started criticising other race and saying bad about our religion.

To me bad mouthing other religion does not make us better but rather showing the lack of knowledge in their own religion. As what I told them " memburukkan agama orang lain tidak menjadikan agama kita lebih baik sebaliknya memperlihatkan kejahilan kita di dalam agama yang dianuti"

We could not deny that UNITY is so important to achieve the meaningful in our life where we could live peacefully and enjoy what God had created for us.........

"Kita semua adalah sama iaitu makluk ciptaan Tuhan dan manusialah yang membeza-bezakan bangsanya"

What is your comment on the action by some of our Mufti with related to the race??????