Saturday, September 6, 2008

I need your help for this September 16th Hari Malaysia

Dear friends and fellow Malaysians,

I need a little favor from you. I need you to send the message below to all your friends, family and contacts. I would like to make Hari Malaysia a day of Unity (you can copy this entire post and email it wholesale).

As many of you know, for many years my organization and team have been highlighting this message each September 16th via full page adverts in The Star and our Hari Malaysia activities and gatherings.

Today, Malaysians are divided as never before. We need to make things better.

Regardless of who we support, we must not tolerate behaviors where a fellow human being like Najib is called Najis and Anwar, BABI (so called acronym for Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim) by immature and irresponsible people. We must be aware that the web is also open to our young. Even a ten year old have access to the blogs! It will only help create a mentality that cannot tolerate differences.

We need to impose better standards. We need to be One in this.

Please use whatever powers you have with you, your email list, your blog, facebooks, church or buddhist groups, mosque committee, hindu sangam, social clubs, etc and help me make things better. Zubedy as an organization is still too tiny to make a big impact. I need your help!

Your power is just a click away, use it. We will be featuring the message in our full page advert in The Star on this 16th but your efforts will carry the message further than I can ever dream of.

Thank you very very much!

Let us add value,

Anas Zubedy


Today 16th September 2008, Hari Malaysia,

Let us agree that …

There are thirteen states, and only one Malaysia
There are many parties, but we are one nation
While we may differ, we are not enemies
We can be critical, but not offensive
We shall seek and embrace truth, and reject deceit
We shall not take sides based on partisan views

Because wrong is wrong and right is right, no matter who does it

Let us all oppose corruption, racism and bigotry
Unite for one future, free from sleaze, discrimination and poverty;
Multiplicity is God’s creation; let us replace race with Unity
Let us see Unity in diversity, and learn to love all, because
When we dislike the other, we dislike part of God’s design,
We are
We may greet each other in different ways, what we are all trying to say is:
I am pleased to meet you, my brother, my sister Malaysians

For there are

Many lamps, One Light
Many hearts, One Spirit
Many prayers, One God
Many Colors, One Race.

Have a meaningful Hari Malaysia

Let us add value,
Anas Zubedy


Hari ini 16 September 2008, Hari Malaysia,

Marilah kita setuju bahawa …

Kita ada 13 negeri, tetapi satu Malaysia
Berbagai parti, satu kerakyatan
Walaupun kita berbeza, kita bukan musuh
Kita boleh mengkritik, bukan mencemar
Mari mencari kebenaran, dan menolak penipuan
Jangan sekali-kali berat sebelah pada mana-mana pihak

Kerana yang salah tetap salah dan yang benar tetap benar, tanpa mengira siapa

Mari kita menentang rasuah, perkauman dan prejudis
Bersatu demi masa depan, bebas dari penipuan, diskriminasi dan kemiskinan
Kepelbagaian itu ciptaan Tuhan; ayuh gantikan dengan Perpaduan
Perpaduan yang dalam kepelbagaian, cintakan semua kerana
Apabila kita bencikan yang lain, kita
menghina ciptaan Tuhan

Kita Ummah Wahidah

Cara kita berucap agak berbeza, namun apa yang ingin diluahkan adalah;
Saya gembira bertemu denganmu, saudaraku seMalaysia


Berbagai pelita, hanya Satu Cahaya
Berbagai jiwa, Satu Azam
Berbagai doa, Satu Tuhan
Berbagai Warna, Satu Bangsa

Salam Hari Malaysia

Salam Sejahtera,
Anas Zubedy


Paul Seah said...

All it takes for us to make a difference is to make a choice. Everyday we are faced with the responsibility to make decisions. We have to decide what to eat, what to wear, where to go...etc. etc.
We also have to make a choice when it comes to whether we feel proud to be a Malaysian. Shouting "Malaysia Boleh" does not make us more Malaysian. Eating with our hands does not make us more Malaysian. What then makes us a Malaysian?
It is a choice from your heart. Deep down inside of you regardless of what you hear, read or see happening in our country at this moment, just stop and think.
Nothing good will happen if we react with disgust, anger or sadness. But if we make a choice to be happy, think optimistically and go out to spread that same message of faith, hope and charity, then we are truly indeed a Malaysian and we will be proud of it.
Happy Hari Malaysia, it's our day!

Vernon Adrian Emuang said...

I salute this initiative. Well done!

Ian BloodSuns said...

and...what are we supposed to do? I'm confused. @@

dhena said...

Many years ago, i decided that i will be the change that i want to see in the world..

there must be respect for each other and that is gravely missing in the Malaysian culture... funny i grew up not knowing what race was - literally!!!

more people must come forward and Understand Unity.. Understand Diversity isnt different.. but an alternative way..

Enough said.. Have a Meaning Hari Malaysia..

angie said...

Thanks Anas... It speaks to the rest of us true blue Malaysians on what we feel during these recent times! Bersatu kita Teguh, Bercerai kita ROboh! Think our "leaders" have forgotten this basic fundamental as they flip out the racial card!

Shanthini Venugopal said...

I fully support you. Have also posted it on my FB page. Stay safe and wishing you a a Selamat Hari Malaysia- 16th!

Ahmad Yazid said...

this is good, nice initiative... I think i might have known you from hartamas area. I was your neighbour in jln hartamas 2. i still got your biz card.

KL Scouts said...

What you are trying to do is already practiced by a group called the Boy Scouts... Globally... since 100 years ago...

The Boy Scouts (and the Girl Guides) are brothers and to sisters to all race, religions, nations, class or creed...

Your Idea is good to rail back the Malaysian scouts before it gets to derailed..

Since you live in KL, why don't you help the Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur Scouts in gaining a win-win situation. I believe they will 100% agree with you.

Help them and many of your ideas will show an everlasting results because Scouts bent the bamboo
from the shoots not when it is already becomes a bamboo... Old Bamboo breaks...

I believe that the present national service would be better if all of them were scouts... if not the government is wasting public funds into certain peoples personal's pockets.

Trust me, go and help the wilayah persekutuan KL's scouts in this matter and I am sure they will support you holistically as your paradigm fits into theirs'.

cafe bites! said...

already post on FB, have a meaningful hari malaysia!! many colors one race.

cafe bites!
damansara perdana

Haniza Schlosser said...

To me, we should emphasize that we are of different races instead of declaring it as one race, coz that's our strength. To have different races and cultures means that we could learn, respect from each other and be proud of that.

Being in the Bay Area in the US, I see so many races here from all over the world. But, I don't feel that the country appreciates the differences like Malaysians do.

The other thing I noticed here is that some Malaysians like to stick to their own races. It's quite saddening and frustrating especially when I had to lead a non-profit Malaysian Association. There's a lack of nationalism amongst our people that we find in other non-profit associations that has a homogeneous race. Even Indonesia is much better probably coz of their history. But, I feel that there is a light of hope coz I noticed that the younger generation have a slight different paradigm shift, probably due to the peaceful era that we have these past few years compared to the older generations that have to fight for the definition and existence of Malaysia.

Selamat Hari Malaysia!

Moga kita semua satu negara dapat mencapai kualiti hidup yang selesa, keimbangan dalam semua nilai hidup dan kebahagian sesama kita. Moga kita menjadi contoh untuk seluruh dunia.

Jon said...

Hey Anas...I like what you wrote. I feel you, man! Well done!

Paul Seah said...

I strongly support Anas' views and hopes for our beloved country. Let there be no racism, relegious intolerance, bigotry and silly bickering among MALAYSIANS... we cannot be divided by race, color or religion and we shoulc continue to respect our fellow countrymen as MALAYSIANS. There should not be any Malay, Chinese, Indian and Others... we're all MALAYSIANS.

NOTE: I received this message in my Facebook from Peter Lim.

Anonymous said...

A great call for unity! I am joining the effort with my little post at

Paul Seah said...

Anas Zubedy for Prime Minister? Anyone???

roji said...

Anas, i am ardent fan of Quotable quotes of Zubedy (which you call as advertisement - in you last Sunday Star). Pleased to say hello to the man behind ZUBEDY. Keep up this noble task... may be you should consider developing a Code of Conduct for MALAYSIAN CITIZEN. Given the current political/racial upheavals in Malaysia, we are steadtfastly moulding children of our nation to become boorish and uncultured.. if we individuals keep mum and adopt a "watch the game" attitude, what will be left behind is : technically sophisticated, New Stone Age Generation of Malaysia..