Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Difference Between a Jew and a Zionist

My friend Stephen lamented how come many are confused about Jews and Zionists in his facebook entry last night. Hope this will help people know there is a whole lot of difference between the two!

This is Zionism.

To know more click here - the website by Jews against Zionism

PS : Sorry for the gruesome picture - just to stress a point
PS 2 : All my blogpost about Zionism/Palestinian issues will be in RED.


pah nur said...
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pah nur said...

Palestine have been at war from BC to AD till hitherto. What do the Israelites and the Arabs learn from this sad ordeal? Nothing. That is why history repeats itself. Because people chose to be obtuse and not learn from history. The unlearned lessons are paid by war casualties, more often, innocent civilians.

Funny how the Muslims, Christians and Israelies are supposedly to have be graced by "enlightenment", and we all chose the term "pagan" to differentiate US, the enlightened, with THEM, the pagans. Tell me in all honesty, what did "enlightenment" did to the enlightened anyway? Are we any better than the Pagans? Which God had ordered the killings?

stgreg said...

A Jew explains his commitment against Zionism.

Ray-Man said...

Anas, the link to is broken. Do you have another link?