Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This has to be in RED...

  1. Israeli tank shells killed at least 40 Palestinians today at a UN school where civilians had taken shelter.
  2. Reuters journalists filmed bodies scattered on the ground amid pools of blood and torn shoes and clothes. A
  3. United Nations official said the school was clearly marked with a UN flag and its location had been reported to Israeli authorities.
  4. People in Gaza have been under siege for more than 18 months. They are not allowed to leave. Some of them moved to United Nations facilities for shelter.
  5. However, four UN centers were targeted over the last 48 hours!
  6. Everything in Gaza has been targeted by air strikes: the university, 2 UNRWA schools, 9 mosques, 100s of houses, hospitals, ambulances...whole families were buried in rubble!
  7. The toll of death in Gaza is 660 today, of which more than 100 are children. The casualties are 2864.

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