Monday, April 27, 2009

Refreshing - Nurul Izzah and Nik Nazmi

I find Nurul Izzah and Nik Nazmi refreshing. Do read their article “Working for Malaysia’s future”

What I find most pertinent in this co-written article is its ending. Usually it is the ending of a letter or note that conveys the innermost message. They said, I quote, “Keadilan will continue to fight for change. The first battle is to fight to change ourselves for the better.”

While I may not agree with how they wrapped up certain issues within the article, but the fact that the two of them finished it with ‘changing from within’ I see hope. They will still need to learn to unlearn the need to judge others using the ideal, but judging their own self with reality, behaviour usually embedded in NATOs – No Action Talk Only type of people.

If they take this route, they will remain as an opposition, where the world is always wrong, they are always right. Putting the blame of their inadequacy and inaction to external factors ie lack of resources or being blocked by an evil enemy.

But, as I said I sense hope and potential. In the business world we call young talents like these Hypos – ie. High Potentials.

For Malaysia to grow and succeed, we need good people both in Government and the Opposition. It is not enough to have good people on either side. I think these two young MPs represent the future of their party, and if they mature further may even lead the country.

I like the idea that the younger generation in PR from the various component parties actually find joy in working together. Spirit of fellowship is of utmost importance in making things happen. Something BN Hypos should seriously work on, too.

I deal and assist my clients with their Hypos usually within the context of implementing the organizations Mentor-Mentee program. Over the years I have had the opportunity to meet really good and potential young minds. I see hope and keenness in their eyes. They need polishing and definitely guidance in areas that requires a big picture conceptual worldview and the need to be even keeled. But, most of them have the capacity to reach their potential.

CEOs and Top management some knowingly while others by intuition basically pick and build young talents via 4 criteria. We have made it easier by coining the Acronym CAPI (also featured in our Xmas 2007 advert ).

So what to look for in Top Talents?


A person’s capacity is the basic foundation of his or her ability to deliver. No amount of training or exposure can bring out what is expected from a talent if he or she lacks the capacity. Like a car engine, capacity determines the ability to perform under different circumstances. The larger the capacity, the greater the propensity to deliver.


True performance is about results, not efforts. Top talents do not play the blame game. Instead, top talents focus their energies on where the results are; they make things happen, they deliver. They are career oriented, not job oriented, delivering over and above what is required.

People Skills

Top talents deliver through working with and through people. They harness and focus the energy of others toward common goals. They are team leaders. Talent who prefers working alone are specialists, they are great support for top talents. Those who get results by stepping on the others lack the fourth criteria and must not be considered.


Leadership must come with integrity - there is no compromise. Without integrity talent is a liability. No matter how brilliant, knowledgeable or successful, lack of integrity disqualifies any and all talent for any managerial position.

I have strong convictions that if we use these 4 criteria to choose our MPs and ADUNs as well as leaders, this country will reach greater heights. I hope Nurul and Nik will use it to judge both their own people in PR and their BN counterparts. Purge all those who fail in any of the above criteria. Check your own people, and ask them to leave.

Both BN and PR for example must choose integrity and vote against party hopping. In that way the country will remain stable for five years even if either party won the general elections with just a simple majority (as opposed to two third majorities).

If the Hypos in PR (and BN) have the capacity to see the big picture conceptual framework, they will be able to see the wisdom in this idea. So even if for example PR wins the next General Election with just a majority of 5 seats, they will have the stability to prove themselves for 5 years – and Malaysia is stable and would have graduated to a two party system – my goal.

As I see myself as neither BN nor PR, I see myself belonging to Middle Malaysia – a third voice if you must, please do listen to my feedback. Nurul and Nik correctly stated in the article, “ Malaysia’s leaders need to always listen and learn from the people, and this is something that we, the young leaders of Keadilan and Pakatan pledge to do”.

And do remember,

Reshape yourself through the power of your will …Bhagavad-Gita (6:5)

To conquer others need strength;To conquer oneself is harderTao Te Ching – chapter 33

Though one should conquer a million men inbattlefield, yet he, indeed, is the noblestvictor who has conquered himself.The Buddha (Dhammapada 103)

Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your owneye, and then you will see clearly to remove thespeck that is in your brother’s eye.Matthew 7:5

Verily never will God change the fate (condition)of a people until they change it themselves.Quran 13 : 11

And Guru Nanak said, to conquer the world, we must first conquer our own mind.

All the best young Malaysians potentials, in politics, government and businesses.

Cheers and Peace, anas


Anonymous said...

Salam Bro Anas,

I believe Pakatan with it's
younger set of people representatives are more likely to self-reflect and bring about changes from within...

For me, it is so enpowering to see individuals who are just a few years older than me grasping such big responsibilities and representing the voice of the real youth in the political arena.


Vanguard said...

My opinion would be that we, actually me, judge everyone including myself according to ideals. To have failed is insignificant and acceptable but more importantly is the act of admitting our mistakes and failures. My resentment is only towards people who are constantly in self denial and feel that the present is ideal and worst still people who have no ideals at all but disguise this pathetic character under the notion of reality. This trait is especially evident in people who stay in a position of power for too long or are caught within the paradigm of primordial thinking.