Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bonus, Giving and Charity ...

This blogpost is now featured in the book, The Quran and I :)


Doria Abdullah said...

"The nearer we get to Hari Raya, the stronger the feelings." I couldn't agree with this more.

I am a Sarawakian and am currently pursuing my studies in the Peninsular. Due to financial reasons, I was unable to go back for Raya when I was in my first year and third year.

Imagine listening to takbir raya and yet you're not with your family. The tears flowed freely as I listened and contemplated on the past days of fasting.

As for puasa penuh , I only had one opportunity to do so -- back in 2006. Ladies always have 'natural breaks' in the fasting month, and in that particular year, I was so happy on reaching the full puasa limit. :D

I like your ad for Independence Day very much and am looking forward to see the Aidilfitri one soon!

SRK Herry said...

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armouris said...

more info on fasting here - Fasting @ Info-Kesihatan-Anda

Auntie Dot said...

Huh!! Bonus one month before raya? Err...Zubedy does not happen to need a medical practitioner does it? Can I submit my resume? :)

Nothing beats the euphoric feeling you get from giving. It's hard to explain. You will only be able to understand it, after you learn how to give, sincerely. It's like exercise. After sometime, you get hooked on the endorphine release from all that physical activities, a natural high, and when you don't exercise, you will feel that something is missing in your life.....I highly recommend both, exercise and giving to charity...try it...never fear about becoming poorer when you give because you must remember, "God gives, God takes"

christinechow01 said...

Dr.C says
Many don't realise what it is like to be on the receiving end of a generous contribution. I was an orphan when young and when people contribute gifts or money, and more importantly,time, we orphans feel we are remembered and loved even if our parents are not around. This feeling can sometimes stay with us for a long long time.

Being a non-Muslim and watching my Muslim friends puasa and going through the stages of the puasa
makes me realise the wonder of the Islam. My son married a Muslim girl and I found it at first difficult to accept this and as I watch him become a true Muslim through his actions and even being able to puasa fully (believe you me I have seen him struggling awfully hard during the first two years), make me understand Islam
even more.

Carry on Anas - your articles are a beacon to us in these difficult