Tuesday, August 11, 2009

zubedy's coming Merdeka Advertisement

Dear everyone,

I am now preparing, reflecting, thinking and writing about the above advert. This year we plan advertise for Merdeka Day too, our first Merdeka Day ad. I am considering talking about the ‘social contract’. As a new nation, we must constantly look at the understanding between us and be mindful about what we need to do. I find that while many talk, discuss and debate about the social contract, not many know ‘what the social contract’ is. Some say there was never a social contract while others say there was. Either ways, when we argue over ‘hot air’, what we get is more ‘hot air’.

During the last Wesak day, I decided to propose a social contract. I want to improve it and write another one and publish it as the Merdeka advert. I will be most happy to listen to your ideas. How to make it better?

Click here to read the Wesak advert. Write your feedback by this coming Sunday, please. Thanks.

Peace, anas.


Planet of the Monyets said...

Hi Anas,
Some things are universal. For example item I on your original Wesak Day social contract

I) Sees wrong as wrong and right as right, no matter who did it.

Why should this statement be part of a social contract. This is akin to stating the obvious.

Your item IV is obviously part of the social contract.

IV) Recognizes the Malay and indigenous customs form the core culture while the Chinese, Indian and other cultures play strong supportive roles to make our nation a unique and exciting brand.

Perhaps you want to distinguish what are universal and what really constitute a social contract in Malaysia.

Hope it made sense.


HoongLing said...

I am in the opinion to continue cultivating our rich cultures in diversity yet unite as one nationality.

We are always one race - HUMAN race but each individual has own thoughts and opinions. Therefore, we can be ONE Malaysia but even our flag has many colours.

One school but teaches multi languages, multi cultures and multi religions, and most importantly, principles of respect, love and virtues.
(For one, I do not agree with having one school but during Agama class - Muslims and non-Muslims are separated into different classes. I'd like to learn about Islam, too! and maybe my Muslim friends want to learn about other religions, too?)

One nation, bangsa Malaysia but practises diversity and rich cultures yet promotes understanding and love towards each others cultures.

One race and no need for "race" field in any forms as I will always tick "Lain-lain" and "Sila nyatakan: bangsa Malaysia" anyway.

One contract - our heart contract. A contract that is written and signed in the hearts, something that we do out of passion and genuine love for the country. Not one that is signed, thumbprinted or blood-stained but not upheld, because in the end, whatever contract that is written - it brings no meaning if one does not sign it in the heart.

cikmilah said...

I have no additional suggestions at the moment but i always believe in this, 'to build a nation, first build a school'. (tagore)
ur social contract, seriously speaking, some can be a difficult task for those who are juz plain stubborn but, it is doable.

maybe dis time u can highlight on d most common thing that we have. that is, everyone bleeds red no matter what.

on a lighter note, u dont look ur age.

PahNur said...

How's this:

"We are like the rainbow, beautiful in all component colors, yet are one"

(you can add the word prism somewhere for the people who still don't know the secret of a rainbow)

Planet of the Monyet, isn't stating the obvious part of Malaysian culture? The other day some joker asked me, "makan?", when clearly I was stuffing my upper part of the gastrointestinal tract with food. Tempted to say, "tak, tengah food testing". Yes, stating the obvious should be part of a social contract.. :-D