Saturday, September 5, 2009

What is the message here?

Do you think this video clip is showing -

  1. Two men, to out-macho each other, they whacked each other's partners?

  2. BN and PR, trying to out do each other but ends up screwing the Rakyat especially in Perak?

  3. Pas and Umno trying to out-Islam each other by beating up Muslim women like Kartika ?

  4. Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek screwing up MCA members?

  5. Or, all of the above?

Your may just simply list down the answers by indicating the number/s or better still provide a rationale. Thank you :)


Anonymous said...

no 5

Abdullah said...

Hahaha! what the heck? that was rich!
No 5 definitely!

vinnan said...

The Perak mess started when UMNO sodomized the people of Perak. UMNO knew well enough as a party which ruled the Peninsula for 52 years that PR will never leave them alone after UMNO fucked them properly. What do you Anas expect politics to be?

Planet of the Monyets said...

A good one, Anas. No. 5 definitely.

my said...

Ha!ha!....of course no.5..why? what's happening nowadays (regardless who, what..), they are not happy each other,fighting each other, i'm more power than u, smarter than u,etc.. then the innocent become a the rakyat?? ..who wins?? when people don't trust..then how? on d other hand.. a leader without a supporter is not a leader.. what say u? funny...:)

Wilfred Yeo said...

My rationale Anas:

-Always have a 'marriage of convenience'.
-Put your 'wife' in the front to take the blows.
-It's exactly like our politcal arena. You hit me once today, I hit you back twice tomorrow. But, I will use the 'bugger' I cheated on my side to hit you back and I watch by the sidelines.

Meiyen said...

I don't know about folks watching the video but as a woman, I am very troubled by it ... I don't think it's funny from a woman point of view ..

Women bashing is a very serious and sick problem in society and should not be condoned at all.

demudu said...

UMNO is the devil!

Insane Inkling said...

nombor lima definitely

Sofea Ismail said...

None of the above.
I think its about these moronic bastards human-like creatures called men trying to outdo each other by whacking the evolution missing-link dumbos called women.
I think its about time the more intelligent mutable H1N1 takes over the world....