Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can we use the word Allah in the Bible? What does The Quran say?

Here we go again - Can we use the word Allah in the Bible?

The Malaysian Insider - KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 14 — The High Court here will hear on Oct 14 the Catholic Church’s bid to prevent several Islamic bodies from interfering in its ongoing suit against the home minister’s ban on the use of the word “Allah” in its newspaper.

So, can we use the word Allah in the Bible?

I have written an explanation from the Quranic viewpoint about this topic in June last year. In conclusion, I showed that the real problem is about trust. We Christians and Muslims do not trust each other. What a shame, we both claim to trust God. We Muslims and Christians should show better example and treat each other better.

For Muslims and Christians who sincerely want to know the Quran’s position on this, read here.
Pls note the article is factual and rather bookish in nature -

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Asy said...

Salam Anas, this is my first time coming to your blog. Pretty nice stuff you have here :) I would like to give my two cents here if you allow.
Contrary to popular belief, the word allah is not a name per se. But instead, if in english, it mean: THE GOD: which is al--> The, and ilah--> GOD. So, there's not a problem for any organization or people to use the word Allah. But, don't you think if you're using English, better to use God instead? Or if you talk in Malay, Tuhan would suffice.

You can see more detailed explanation here: