Monday, October 19, 2009

Hari Malaysia now a holiday :)

Yes! The BN Government has accorded September 16th a public holiday. Such a move will definitely create awareness to Malaysians the importance of Malaysia Day. Zubedy has since 1996 been selling the idea of making Malaysia Day a special day for all of us Malaysians. Since 2001 we have been taking full page adverts in The Star newpaper explaining why we need to pay attention to the date.

Here are three examples of the advertising message.

2003 Ad

31st of August, Hari Merdeka, was the day we lowered the Union Jack and became independent in 1957. Hari Malaysia on the 16th of September was the day Malaysia was born; when Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore became one nation in 1963. (Singapore seceded in 1965)

On Hari Merdeka three major races came together. The Malays opened their hearts and shared what was then called Tanah Melayu with the Chinese, Indians, and others. Chinese and Indians ended citizenship with their homeland for a new home. This act of unity and integration was more than just extraordinary, it was a miracle.

Hari Malaysia marks a recognition that together with Sabah and Sarawak, we will be stronger as we leap forward.

As citizens of a multi-racial nation, we have a universal orientation and can take center stage in leading the world. After all, Malaysians should fare better compared to citizens from a homogenous society, we have much experience in cooperating and working together within different cultures. The celebration of Hari Malaysia serves as a reminder of our unique past, present, and future, and how special our nation is.

To paraphrase the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee in his song Getaran Jiwa, "Sedarlah kamu wahai insan, andai dipisah lagu dan irama, lemah tiada berjiwa, hampa," The many races of Malaysia are like parts of the body and soul, disunited, we are weak, the key to our strength and success is unity and oneness.

Let us add value
Have a meaningful Hari Malaysia.

2006 Ad

Imagine you and I... changing the world for the better.

Tomorrow is September 16th 2006, Hari Malaysia, our nation's 43rd birthday. Each year we make history showcasing to the world our unity and capacity to live in peace in diversity.

Our history is unique and something to be proud of. We practice peaceful living on a daily basis. Not just the usual 'kongsi raya' sharing of power and wealth, but the willingness and ability to share our ways of life - our day to day living. Just visit a 'mamak' stall and see for yourself; we live harmoniously, in a multicultural world.

Our record of give and take makes us ideal leaders. Imagine guiding the world to appreciate diversity in all its richness, to see colors not as differences but as a way to recognize and love one another.

We lead not with sophisticated technology, economic power or military might, but by showing how to share and unite the most important of all resources, the Human Spirit. The force that is within all people. Potentially, it lies within the hearts and minds of six and a half billion fellow humans on this planet.

The late Mak Minah through her soulful songs called for the awakening of the Human Spirit. While we have Many Hearts, we share One Spirit.

Imagine you and I... changing the world for the better.

Let us add value,
Have a meaningful Hari Malaysia

2007 Ad

This Sunday September 16th 2007 marks the forty-fourth year Sabah, Sarawak and the Federation of Malaya became Malaysia. Let us take a moment to reflect and search deep within ourselves. How far have we progressed as a nation, as Bangsa Malaysia? Are we moving towards stronger unity? Do we understand and trust each other better today, or are we getting suspicious of each other’s intentions? Are we moving forward?

What does a Malaysian look like and what is his psyche? Does she see herself as a Malaysian, or is she first a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Eurasian, or Iban? Or is he foremost a child of the universe, a human being bonded to others as one of God’s children, superseding artificial boundaries of ethnicity, geography, history and nationalities?

The ideal Malaysian is guided by shared values and is universal in outlook. At the core, a Bangsa Malaysia believes that Malaysians are one people. We absorb the best of each other's cultures and make them our own. We gain from every interaction, expand and grow, becoming better people as we learn to live and thrive alongside our fellow citizens.

A true Malaysian makes the right decision through a sense of balance and fairness. When a Bangsa Malaysia makes a decision he considers the needs of all because he knows he is part of a whole.

Unity must replace race as our consciousness and belief system. We must become more aware, understand and accept that multiplicity is God’s gift. We must see unity in diversity and learn to love all because when we dislike the other, we dislike part of nature.

There are many languages, the goal is to communicate. We have many hearts, but one spirit. There are many lamps, but only one light. Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable, 'Bersatu Teguh, Bercerai Roboh'

Let us add value,
Have a meaningful Hari Malaysia


Ocean Girl said...

Yay for another holiday. And it is nice to see you use the smiley emoticon :)

Malaysia could really use more public holidays. (I know I sounded negative, and I do not mean to, but I don't think Malaysians "feel" Hari Merdeka, and I doubt if we would "feel" Hari Malaysia. But I salute your work and we do have to do our bits to add value and make things better. We have to start somewhere and I thank you).

golden swallow said...

I have always wondered the Government took so long to recognise such an important historical event which would in turn give recognition to Sabah and Sarawak as being part of Malaysia. Kudos to Zubedy for being, in the past years, the main catalyst to this long-awaited recognition of Malaysia Day. Now I hope the Government will look into standardising all policies and issues relating to Sabah and Sarawak, viz immigration, HR and IR, etc. with that of a 1Malaysia

golden swallow said...

Kudos to you Anas as you had been the catalyst all these years for the government to recognise this important historical event. Without this recognition, the merger of Sabah and Sarawak as part of Malaysia did not deem to be historical. Now I hope that the government will look into standardising the Sabah and Sarawak Immigration, Employment and IR Acts, one with that of Peninsular Malaysia.

Devil said...


--- from a Sabahan

Devil said...


---- sincerely from a Sabahan

Haj said...

hey, hey, hey! Wait a darn minute. I just read your story on Star online and I am a visitor of your blog and I am a Sabahan. I always thought you were so cool for always advocating this but come on??? YOU the catalyst for this??? WE HAVE BEEN SCREAMING FOR YEARS FOR THIS AND NOW IT'S THANKS TO YOU??? Come on la!

Just goes to add the ignorance of my fellow Malaysians. September 16th FINALLY being declared a public holiday has nothing to do with your advertisements.
Come on bah...