Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In The Star today : )

Our efforts have been fruitful... click here


John Goh said...

It's great to read about your efforts and it's our pleasure to list your blog at Kudos to you and cheers to Malaysia,
Regards, John

atreyu strange said...

Congrats Sir! Indeed, this is an accomplishment after many years of effort. I hope that your contribution will be well appreciated as I'm sure many will try to take advantage and give credits only to themselves.

eekay said...

Finally - Sept 16!
It just goes to show that perseverance does pay. It must have been a proud recognition for your efforts too. Congrats!

Justin J. of WOU said...

Congratulations on your efforts to promote Malaysia Day. I guess you are definately a very very far sighted person being most probably one of the very few who appreciated it since way back then.

It seems to me that we have already done quite well eventhough we are still so polarized (that goes double for west Malaysia)

But then again... imagine what great heights we could achieve if there was more cohesion between us all?

Anonymous said...


Great work. Agree with standardising rules and regulations especially when "orang Malaya" travels to Sabah & Sarawak. Why should we need to stop and register at immigration? Afterall, we are Malaysians too...eventhough not from East Malaysia. Agree?


Anonymous said...

your effort now fruitfull anas......

now please pass the invoice to rosmah