Saturday, December 26, 2009

ISA and the Rakyat’s opinion – What is to be done?

The better way to get feedback from the rakyat is to

  1. Have a referendum, or,
  2. Commission a thorough market research using professional research agencies – with adequate sample size and concrete research methodologies to truly represent all the various segments of the Malaysian population.
The first option is straightforward.

I am for the second option - it is more cost effective and harder to manipulate.

To follow the second option, we will need to first organize a quantitative research and get a wide (breadth) picture of the rakyat’s opinion and stand on the issue. This usually will cost about RM 140K - RM160K – if we were to use a reputable research agency.

Once we have the quantitative results, it is advisable to look for depth via a qualitative research, generally in the form of Focus Group Interview to explore, help explain and find out the motivation behind the rakyat’s attitude towards the issue. It can tell us why they feel the way they do, capture if their decision is based on hearsay, real understanding or political biasness. This would cost roughly between RM 60K to RM 80K – (same as the above)

I don’t have RM200+K to spare but if any of you know someone who is serious about finding out the TRUTH (e.g. not just wanting to make lots of noise for political gains) and have loads of money, please contact me.

I can assist (at no cost - the RM200+K is for the research agencies) to work with the research agencies making sure,

  1. The research brief is written in a neutral manner, communicate all the relevant information in order to get actual feedback from the rakyat,
  2. Define the research objectives clearly,
  3. Develop the research plan for collecting information methodologically,
  4. The collection and analyzing of data is done properly, minimizing errors especially during fieldwork and focus groups,
  5. Interpretation of the research will not sway towards either side and the final report is easily digested by the average reader.

Any takers?

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