Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Malaysians, PLEASE dont be stupid lah !

Contrary to what some of our politicians (on both sides) want us to believe, our key challenge in 2010 and this decade is not about who runs the country but it is about economics.

It is not about who gets more or whether Ketuanan Melayu is a myth or reality but it’s about the quality and quantum of our people’s productivity and how we manage our economy.

It is not about the ratio of faithfuls to the number of mosques, churches and temples that we have.

It is not about whom’s religious structure is taller or more grandeur than the other.

It has not much to do with the number of times we pray each day or how hard we try to show that our religion is better than another’s religion.

It is not about who to blame for past mistakes or about catching those who have cheated us in the past.

It is not about proving who is smarter, better or cleverer.

It is not about Najib or Anwar, BN or PR.

It is not about politics.


It is about paying attention to and concentrating on what is important, what are the few things we need to do right to give maximum impact to the livelihood of the poor, the middle income and the rich (yes they are all important, they are all humans and they are all Malaysians).

It is about how hard we are willing to push our hearts, minds and souls at creating value added work and innovation that create wealth and prosperity – together.

It is about consolidating our efforts – not about poking every idea from a partisan point of view. Why? just to show that you are smarter?

It is about putting your overexpanded ego aside and WORKING WITH each other’s ideas.

It is about you and I spending more time and effort making things happen instead of reacting, debating and arguing about non-productive and academic issues like “Can a Non- Malay be a PM?”, “Is Malaysia a secular or Islamic country?”,” Who is more racist UMNO, DAP or Utusan Malaysia?”, “Did DAP chicken out to PAS?”, “Did PAS sold its soul to DAP?”, “Is MCA kowtowing to UMNO?”, “What do you think about Ridhuan Tee’s article?”,etc.

None of these issues will have a direct impact to the amount and quality of food we put on the table. They are just unproductive distraction taking and sapping away our best minds and limited resources and energy from doing what we should – make things happen at the economic front.

We are trapped in the middle – our labor is no longer cheap and we have not move up the value chain to higher-levels of economic activities – our livelihood is at a great risk.

When the economy is bad, we quarrel about racial equality, Ketuanan Melayu, social contract, and the likes. When the economy is good, we are happy with our shopping sprees, holidays, OGAWA massage chairs and be merry with each other.

We are being silly. During bad times we should put aside all these problems and work towards survival.

We should argue, when times are good not when we have an economic tsunami coming our way. So keep a note or park all these issues that is pulling us apart somewhere safe, bring them back when our economy is growing at 8% or more.

Otherwise, we all will end up with lots of rights but no rice.

So let me repeat myself …

Contrary to what some of our politicians (on both sides) want us to believe, our key challenge in 2010 and this decade is not about who runs the country but it is about economics.


hashimahhassan said...

yes anas, I really wanna puke seriously, I think u better write 2nd letter :((

Present Value said...


Well said!

It seems that many Malaysians have lost direction and focus since March 2008 due to the manipulations by politicians and propaganda through the media.

Even the world's economy and some major financial system have crumbled since late 2008, these so called "leaders" and elected people's rep are still in their very own "old-antiques".

Wise up and move forward with policies and actions which are consistent with what we preach.

Anonymous said...

“What do you wish? To be known as a shirk,
Known as a good man who's willing to work,
Scorned for a loafer or praised by your chief,
Rich man or poor man or beggar or thief?
Eager or earnest or dull through the day,
Honest or crooked? It's you who must say!
You must decide in the face of the test
Whether you'll shirk it or give it your best.”

No grumble!No complaint!No whining!

HAPPY 2010,together...let US be less Stupid lah!`('v*)/

Anonymous said...

I have a different opinion.

Who runs our country will determine our economic viability. That's why countries with strong economy have sound governments.

Likewise, if M'sia is run like Zimbabwe Mugabe style, we're doomed. So many countries go bankrupt and the people suffer because of corrupted leadership.

That's why we need to exercise our rights and choose the right leader for our country. We need leaders who are not corrupted, fair, competent and forward looking. Only under such leaders that we can progress and succeed economically.

A lot of good can be undone if we have a corrupted government. As individuals, there is so much that we can do.

So while we focus on improving ourselves and the society, let's not forget to choose good leaders for our country.

Lena Kay said...

Well said, Anas! Too much energy have been wasted on frivilous topics. Its time we all get productive this year.

sang kancil said...


I am an overseas Malaccan for more years than I wish to remember. I agree with you on the SHEER amount of time and space being wasted by these IDIOTIC imbeciles of politicians especially of the ruling BN/UMNOputeras. Instead of looking after the affairs of the state, they are more concerned about nitty gritty. The know that their own personal welfare are being guarantee for the future and have nothing else better to do than creating troubles to destabilise the country for their selfish GAIN.

A we say over here, IDLE HANDS bring evil thoughts.