Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good to read : Centrist Politics

Thursday February 11, 2010 THE STAR
The true colour of politics is grey
Along The Watchtower by M VEERA PANDIYAN

Malaysians must learn to notice the difference between political posturing and real championing of the people’s interests.

A LEARNED and articulate friend who’s a veteran in the legal fraternity did not contain his disgust towards the mainstream media during our last lunch meet.

Clearly distracted from the sumptuous spread on his banana leaf, he let it all fly, accusing newspapers of breaching new levels of banality and unfairness.

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Kenn said...

Depends on what "news" fits your taste bud.

The opposite "taste buds" will say the same thing too "Well, read also what has been written by the opposing newspapers and news portal. Dua kali lima !"

This was an experience.

Someone did not like his neighbour, not to his "taste bud". He would rather believe what the town people said about his neighbour rather than believe his own kampong folks. He believed the town people more than he believed his very own eyes and ears because he was the nearest to his neighbour and therefore, became the first-hand account witness on whatever happening to his neighbor, day in and day out. Yet he chose to believe the town people who might not even know how his neighbour look like, where the neighbor live, what the neighbour did everyday..

he believed Wahingston Post more than his very own brain on things happening around him... He went on looking on the net for the news that "fit his own taste bud", nevermind what was written.

Anonymous said...

While its colour may be grey, we must ensure that we don't allow anyone to pull wool over our eyes. We must not allow an elite few to manipulate the legal system according to their selfish desires. That will be Feudalism with overlords. Not democracy. We must restore rule of law in this country so that the rakyat and foreigners alike will again have the confidence in our institutions. So that the FDI will start flowing in again and we'll be back on a high growth trajectory. So pls I beseech all of you don't let this country slide into oblivion. We are so close to greatness, it will be a shame to to let it slip away.


hak55 said...

I also saw somewhere before in a documentary a scene where a local newscaster was interviewing a foreigner (businessman) who have been trading in this region for a very long time on what he thought about corruption in this region and here was his answer:

Indonesia - black (bad)
Singapore - white (no corruption)
Malaysia - grey (somewhere in between)

He said, 'It's easy if it is black or white, but when it is grey, it is very confusing!

Best regards.

hak55 said...

Here's more about corruption in the region and Boleh Land:

In Indonesia, the practice of corruption is very systematic, one knows who to pay to, how to pay them and after that, whatever he wants is or are delivered. No questions asked.

In this country, as I said before, it is very confusing because there's no system. One pays someone as he arrives at the payee's office doorstep and then out come others from all over, from the windows, ceilings, walls and even floors asking for their share otherwise, your file/s will not move. Upon leaving the door after he thought that the matter was done, he meets with a queue who appeared suddenly from nowhere outside and had to pay each and everyone of them. Never mind if this is the way, he thought further, but after some months later and after paying a lot of money, whatever he wants and asked for, thinking that he had done everything that he was required to do, are still not delivered. So macammanadey, apalagi yang diaorang mahu?