Friday, February 26, 2010

What the Quran say about celebrating Prophet's birthday?

Muslims today celebrate Prophet Muhamad's birthday, but not any other prophets'. Definitely not Christmas, which Christians suggest is the birthday of Jesus. However, the Quran says ...

Those who deny Allah and His apostles, and (those who) wish to separate Allah from His apostles, saying: “We believe in some but reject others”: And (those who) wish to take a course midway They are in truth (equally) unbelievers; and we have prepared for unbelievers a humiliating punishment, To those who believe in Allah and His apostles and make no distinction between any of the apostles, we shall soon give their (due) rewards: for Allah is Oft- forgiving, Most Merciful - (Quran 4 : 150-153)

So How? Can we make the celebration one that represents all the Prophets that were named and unnamed in the Quran? Who are those unnamed anyway?

Furthermore, the Quran ask Prophet Muhamad to declare this,

And yet, some people worship, instead of God, things that can neither benefit them nor harm them: thus, he who denies the truth does indeed turn his back on his Sustainer! - Say: “For this, no reward do I ask of you [- no reward] other than that he who so wills may unto his Sustainer find a way!” - Hence, place thy trust in the Living One who dies not, and extol His limitless glory and praise: for none is as aware as His creatures’ sins as He (Quran 25: 55-58)

So how?

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Anonymous said...

o alaikum

I am in great delimma whether to celebrate milaad or not because i dnt want to get involve in shirk, so please kindly guide me the right picture according to quran and sunnah
n rest Allah knows the best...