Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dr Lim Teck Ghee wrote me an open letter

Open Letter to Anas Zubedy


Firstly I want to thank you for writing that introductory note on me in connection with my post on Chandra Muzafar’s lambasting of Bersih.

In your note you wrote
Dr. LTG, on the other hand, is interested in twisting and turning information to piece together concocted half-truths to win an argument - typical of a person without conscience.
I have produced a collection of Dr CM’s writings from the 70s to 2007 – you can see for yourselves if he is consistent or not. I am willing to do the same for Dr LTG. Let us collect his writings since the time he was working for MCA to date. Let us see if he is consistent. 

I gratefully accept your offer but would like to request that the collection on me covers minimally the same period that you have done for Dr. Chandra – from the 70s to 2007.  It would be great if you can extend the period of collection to the present (2012) and for the results of that search to be posted on your blogsite.  

Meanwhile, this is to assure you that I will fully cooperate with either you or your research assistant in this task, including for the period when I was nominated by the MCA to sit in the National Economic Consultative Council as an independent scholar which you have been concerned about.   

I would also like to request that we begin this task of collection as soon as possible.  I expect you to provide a date when we can meet to expedite this task. The reason for the urgency is to enable you on the basis of the collection to come to a fair and less rushed assessment of my work and writings, as well as my integrity, which you have questioned. I am sure that as someone who is regularly sprouting about the Quran, truth and justice, you will be more than ready to help yourself answer to your God and sleep better in the night.     

Finally I would like to request that this date of our meeting can be posted in your blogsite in case some of the 300 odd members of your blogsite would like to be along to provide suggestions on how best to take on the matter of what some may regard as irresponsible and unethical character assassination on your part.    


NOTE :  

1. I am excited about this project.    

2. Dr LTG suggested in an earlier email that I blog his letter as a response to my earlier blogpost. 

3.  I wrote back suggesting that I would be happy to, as long as he keeps to the topic. 

4.  I also suggested that, “I am serious and be most happy to launch a collection of your writings in similar    fashion as I did for Dr. Chandra. Your ideas, even if I do not agree with them will be good catalyst for young Malaysians’ growth in thinking. At least they will show that you are being consistent.”

5. However, it would be completely silly to have a meeting to start a book project open to 300 odd members getting involved. It is also off topic LOL! I have asked the good Dr to email me his assistant’s contact number so my PA can get it started.

6. As for character assassination, I find it amazing that there are many among us who do just that, but when others tickle them a bit, they go into conniption :)

7.  I am very glad that the good Dr notices my interest in the Quran. I will be sending him my books, ‘The Quran and I’ and ‘Can we use Allah in the Bible.’

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