Thursday, May 31, 2012

Have A Meaningful Kaamatan and Gawai

Have A Meaningful Kaamatan and Gawai

'May this celebration of harvests remind us also to be grateful for the plenty we have achieved, and to appreciate one another for the hard work each of us have put in.'

Let us add value,
Kotobian tadau kaamatan & Selamat Ari Gawai Dayak 

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Arina said...

Dear Anas,

Remember you posted a photo of your Kelabit sister and her spouse in your blog? Well I just wanted to know and confirm whether her name is Joanna married with a Malay man from Pontian Johor? I've been to Bario for a one day seminar on agroturism and 4 days in Bario festival in Miri organised by UMS on behalf of my Department somewhere in 2004 and met her,since that we became good friends. But it seems that I have lost contact with her since I lost my handphone. I've been searching for her contact number in so many ways even I contacted e-bario but still there
is no +ve answer. If you do not mind giving me her contact number I would be very happy. She was my long lost friend.Hope she stil remember me. Hope there will be answer for this.