Thursday, November 7, 2013

A lesson in real harmony by Marina Mahathir - The STAR

Sarawakians are used to living with such religious diversity and have no time for the sort of angst that we over in the peninsula have.
WHEN I was a little girl in Alor Setar, I thought that Malaya did not extend any further than my home state. I did eventually learn that in fact it was much bigger when we visited my grandparents in Kuala Lumpur. But for a long time, my child geographical imagination was severely limited.
As an adult, of course I have been all over the country. And despite being a pretty small one, there are distinct differences in environment, atmosphere and attitudes in dif­ferent parts of the country, not to mention different dialects and food.
There is enough variety already within peninsular Malaysia without us even experiencing what is on offer over the water, in Sabah and Sarawak.
It is this diversity that makes our country wonderful.
Recently, I was invited to Kuching to speak to some young people about social media and whether it contri­butes to social cohesion.
I always jump at the chance to cross the water and it was a bit of a shock to realise that I hadn’t been to Kuching for some five years.
Besides the many culinary joys to be found there, it is always interesting to check out what Sarawakians are up to.

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Anonymous said...

Before she can preach to us about Harmony, better for her to advise her Father to dissociate himself from Perkasa....the local equivalent of Black Power!

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