Friday, November 15, 2013

Gen Y: Looking Forward into the Future. We want you there!

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Dear Gen Y and those aged below 40 :) ,

Good news! We have a gathering just for you. Let's look forward to 2014. On this day, we are going to talk about these:

1)     Resolution 2014 - How to set goals and achieve them?
2)     How can Gen Y be creative and innovative?
3)     How to work with Gen X and Baby Boomers?
4)     How to be slim and fit for the rest of your life?

The Gathering of Unity for Youths (GOYFU) was started in 2011 as an avenue to inspire and engage the youths of Malaysia. GOYFU's ambition is to encourage youths to become effective role players for Unity in Malaysia through their efforts in the workplace, schools, homes, and neighborhoods.

Since 2011 we have had 3 GOYFUs, and this year's upcoming GOYFU will be our fourth. Harnessing what was learned and experienced last year, our youths can apply the information and spread the word of Unity. We hope this event will positively impact the wider nation.

Let's talk about issues and concerns that are relevant to you, to help add value to certain things that are relevant, impacting and affecting both your present and future.

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Joshua Raj said...

Hi, I actually would love to attend this, but how do I register myself or rsvp?