Thursday, January 26, 2017

Have A Meaningful Chinese New Year - Friday in The STAR

Make Malaysia GREAT:
Believe that “What We Have Is Enough”… to take us far, very far!

At Christmas we asked you to think big, but act small - daily. Take action now, within our capabilities and capacity. Today we discuss the mental shift needed to act now and make things happen.

1.    What is “What We Have Is Enough”?
It is a belief system which asserts that you and I have ample opportunities to move forward using what we already have at hand even if it seems insignificant. This position is rooted from the uncompromising conviction that a Merciful God cannot but create a scheme that ensures everyone regardless of position, time or location, blind or with sight, tall or short, rich or poor are given access to His Mercy anytime, every day.

2.    Why we must believe that “What We Have Is Enough”?
Unless we believe that what we have is enough, we cannot take action now! We play the waiting game. We procrastinate. We complain. We blame others. We blame the situation. We become paralysed.

Those who believe can act now even with the little at their disposal. Slowly but surely they achieve success. A trishaw puller’s child can be a surgeon. Someone who started with nothing can build a business empire. Powerless oppressed people can be rulers.  

3.    What happens when we start believing?
We experience a mental shift – the one change needed that can radiate success to other parts of our being and remake our lives within a relatively short period of time. We get leaner and fitter - work out anytime, anywhere because we have the best gym set in the world - our own body weight and limbs. We climb up the corporate ladder as we maximise what we can achieve within our influence. We create schools out of shacks. Our houses become homes.  We start to make things happen and make a difference.

At zubedy, our programs and activities draw strength from our shared values and traditions. We believe that at heart, all Malaysians want good things for themselves and for their brother and sister Malaysians, simply because our nation cannot prosper as a whole if some of us are left behind.

You and I, must make this mental shift in believing that what we have is enough to Make Malaysia GREAT.

Let us add value,
Have a meaningful Chinese New Year.

The idea presented in this message is part of our Making A Difference through P3 program’s core concept.

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