Tuesday, June 22, 2021


I grew up in a Chinese area with a healthy number of Hindu Malaysians. 200 steps from my house there was a Hindu and Chinese temple side by side. There are still there but much bigger now.
Not only I grew to be accustomed to the sounds and smell of the temple, I appreciate them too.
Another 300 steps was a Malay kampong where I study Quran reading. And among our close neighbours were Serani Christians.
When I stayed at Sunway some years ago, my condo fronted both a Hindu and Chinese temples. I look forward each evening to hear the temple bells.
Today my condo fronts a Surau. I like to time my 1 hour evening walk and workout to end just around Magrib. It is such a wonderful and peaceful feeling as the sun slips away and I end my walk with the Azan.
We Malaysians are so lucky. If we just open our senses to the sounds of Malaysia. With our minds and all our hearts.
Peace, anas

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