Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The 4Ps of Malaysia – Pariah People, Pariah Politics

... and Elizabeth Wong's Ex-Boyfriend

I have three siblings. Two girls came first, then the two boys and I am the youngest. My second sister’s real name is Aini. But, because she is second in the family, my eldest calls her Adek and the name Adek, got stuck with her. By the time my brother and I came into the picture, she became KakAdek which of coz to an outsider can be a little confusing. In fact, I never knew KakAdek’s real name till I was 10!

Both my sisters bermastautin in Austin, Texas. Last week KakAdek tried calling me but I was in a meeting, so the call went straight to the answering box. She was concern and sad about the current political situation after reading my Biadap, Tetap Biadap blogpost.

My sister’s feeling is shared by many. It is almost a year since the March 8th general election yet till today our politicians are focusing their energies into grabbing power from each other instead of governing and managing of the country and states under their care especially our economy. This is the longest general elections in the history of mankind.

First it was the wasteful and unnecessary Permatang Pauh by-election. It should be made illegal for any party to force an election so that another one of their party member or leader can be elected to the Parliament. What kind of stupid democracy is this? Is this not Pariah Politics? Wan Azizah should not have run for parliament in the first place if she is not serious about being an MP for the whole term. Anwar should have waited for a chance to go into parliament when a seat is vacant like a death of an MP.

Second the 916 bullshit. What? Take over the country through the back door? Chasing after MPs to defect? Is that good politics? Wasting our time and taking away the ruling party’s focus on governing? Wasting PR’s energy from learning to govern the 5 states entrusted to them? MPs playing cats and mouse from Malaysia to Taiwan? What kind of Pariah Politics is this?

Thirdly, another Pariah Politics; moves and counter moves in Perak that has and will continue to sap more energy on both sides for months to come. Accordingly the BN government is making headway into Kedah and Selangor, too. These are similar to the 916 bullshit, taking over state governments through back door arrangement.

Elizabeth Wong

Fourthly, our most recent Pariah Politics, another by-election is in the making because a cruel lowly bastard ex-boyfriend who decided to expose private pictures of Elizabeth Wong to the public.

Another time wasting, energy sapping pointless state of affairs that will take away our attention from the real problem at hand, making sure the economy does not tank. How many percent of time does our politician on both sides actually have to do their job of governing the nation if they continuously are working on by-elections after by-elections?

Now let’s talk a little more about Elizabeth Wong’s incident. Her case is not new to me. I have a few female friends who have had the unfortunate experience of ex-boyfriends who use their private pictures for their own selfish benefit. Usually it involves the borrowing and not wanting to pay back of money! Real bastards!

I recently made a new friend. During the chatting session we spoke about the difference between a Playboy and a Casanova. I suggested that a Playboy usually lies through his teeth, promising love, sending flowers, providing a great amount of attention usually clinically and methodically planned, etc in order to get under their skirts through artificial love and feelings. Usually they are not that desirable, hence the need for bullshit. They may do these simultaneously with many females. Women fell pray because ‘love and attention’ can ‘intoxicate’ them and the Playboy uses these to the max. The Playboy then has his day coz by the time the ladies discover that he has a few other ‘women’ they are already too deeply involved.

Casanovas do not lie. They come out straight from the beginning and are honest about their way of life. They are usually desirable and have that ‘bad boy’ thing in them. Unfortunately many ladies especially the goody ones are attracted to dashing bad boys. So they jump into so called relationships knowing that it is going to nowhere. Deep inside many of the ladies hope to be the one who will ‘tame the stallion’.

I forgot to tell my friend that there is a third category. They are neither a Playboy nor Casanovas. They are the worst kind. They are the Pariahboys. Elizabeth Wong’s ex-boyfriend falls into this category.


Father Sez said...

Strong words. Still these are words I would also use on that scumbag of the ex boyfriend.

Maybe he was threatened, maybe he was paid, still his behaviour is, like you said, pariah like.

He has to answer for his deeds one day and for sure, he will regret his deeds of recent days.

Anonymous said...
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notenotingnoted said...

I agree.

pah nur said...

Gee thanx...never really know how to describe my ex bfs, till I read your article....pariahboys...interesting term. I may use it against them someday.

When I was much younger (aggggggeeeees ago), i use to think that "pharoah" is actually "pariah" in Indian language. Apparently, most modern time "pharoahs" ARE "pariahs"........I was right the first time after all.

Paul Seah said...

I read blogs but seldom post responses. However can't help but notice that the author's utter disgust reflects the feelings of most if not all Malaysians. I wonder what would have happened if Bill Clinton was Perdana Menteri Malaysia...would he "blow his job"???

The Shaz said...

I also feel that the people that are calling for her resignation are overboard. I mean people are naked at point in their lives i'm sure, and shock and horror.. people have Even with these photos leaked (which is bad) we should be giving sympathy to Liz Wong not condemning her.

dkny said...

a good point made... cheers... :)

Anonymous said...

Pariah People, Pariah Politics ?

What an overstatement !

I mean how could all those immoral and conscienceless "people" even get to fit to be labelled as "human beings" ?

Well, for those "people" behind such a sex scandal, they are actually worse than beasts.

So, I would suggest such an another slogan as follows :

Beast, Bestial Laws and Politics