Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Fellow Malaysians, Peace.

Thank you for your support, kind words, comments and suggestions. Fellow bloggers, thank you so very much for spreading the message.

We need to consistently and sincerely talk to our political leadership and convince them that this is not the time for politics and to focus on bread and butter.

Will blog again soon, “ Sticks in a bundle, are unbreakable” – Kenyan Proverb

Thank you, thank you and thank you.



David said...

I read your ad in your bolg yesterday. I must admit that I was overwhelmed with emotion while reading it.

It was so appropriate especially now with all those not-so-good things are happening around us.

Thank you very much. What you have been doing is simply incredible.

Keep it up. you have my total support!!!

~ Jules ~ said...

You've hit the nail right on the head. And our office is raving about your bold move.

We're all in this together. It's not so much about being anti-government. It's really about being pro-Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

it's we who should thank- YOU!

waNny said...

you have my total support !!!
good job !! :)

lala_myee said...

Hi,i am a nobody in my community.I just saw your article on the Star this morning.The article touch me because is finally someone who dare to shout out and point out clearly to everyone not only the politician but also the people that what we focus on today is meaningless.Everyone today is paying their attention on the wrong issue especially the mass media.What we see on the front page of the newspaper nowadays is not news that talking about big issues that may inspire all the citizen but what disappoint me is the quarrel between the politicians and their accusation on each other come out on the front page.The article awaken me that is true,everyone are overwhelmed in the topics they argue without realising what they are focus on.I am proud and really happy when i know that there is someone still able to think out of the box.yes,it is you,thanks a lot.Hopefully they get what you mean.

NoktahHitam said...

Sir to you!

There's no other way to shake these morons and get them to work.

With all due respect Zubedy, I share your passion towards betterment of employee under our care.


Min Khang said...


Thank you. I am a consultant too. My staff share the same struggle as your staffs.

As the political battle continued, I noticed the collection of payment from the client is getting less and less.... All my staffs are worried.... where is their next meal is coming from?

It is the normal people like us, and our staffs who are just trying to make a honest living, are suffering through these continuas political instability.

Your add echo how I feel.

Thank you.

Arina said...

Its trurly a great appeal to all those selfish politicians out there.Even after your appeal these clowns have created a ruckus at Parliment shaming the country.If they really love this great country of ours they should paste a copy of your appeal in their offices and read it daily.


Hi Anas,

The message was just so true that my family and I could attest to it. The simple layman Malaysian on the streets could testify to it. I spoke to my colleagues and they could also affirm it. I have always been taught that if two or three can agree to a conception, it must be right. In my little circle, we have already taken a stand to it; what more the other 23 million Malaysians? I am so proud of you ANAS ZUBEDY. You portray the courage and the spirit to be a true 'Anak Malaysia'. The message to them is to 'SHUT UP, ENOUGH AND DO THE SIGNIFICANT!'

T said...

Mr Zubedy, this is another record of appreciation from a fellow Malaysian.

You have expressed what I believe is the feeling of many Malaysians - ordinary folks with no vested interest and only want the best for the country.

I am worried about the long term competitiveness of Malaysia if this form of petty politics continues....

Julian Chin said...

It's cut out. Sending it for lamination soon.

Nice ad. Over the years, I've seen the ad by zubedy with the unmistakable "screenbean"-sunflower-like drawing.

This one's a touching piece. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Anas, even though im abit late in reading this. But i salute u. U've bravely voiced out the frustrations of citizen like us. Im truly touched

Michelle said...

Even though im abit late in reading tis but..u've basically read & spoken out our thoughts. I applaud ur bravery & courage.