Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Brothers and Sisters,

I wrote this after reading the comments to my previous article “ Anwar’s second major blunder”.

One, Personally, I detest and am ‘jijik’ with frogging so I do not agree with any government that is formed by that act, regardless whether it is BN or PR. But both parties seem too happy to practice it, and I agree with Dr Koh that Anwar is the ‘King of Frogs’. But for BN leaders like Najib to make him their teacher, elevating him to be a role model, I think it is not very smart either. However, until we have a law that suggests otherwise, I will accept the legality of the Perak new state government. (Hail Karpal !!!)

Two, I do not have privileged information about what had transpired between the Perak Sultan, BN and PR leaders. I am willing to give the Sultan the benefit of the doubt here and assume that he made the best decision he thought possible. He knows the law better than me.All these quotes about he not being true to his own writings are really shallow arguments because all laws and decisions will need to bear the context within which they are made. Historically, he has made decisions that benefited PR too, so, I perceive that he is fair.

Three, I want the state assembly to be dissolved, though I think it is a waste of money, time and purpose because neither BN nor PR are ethical governments when it comes to frogging. So it does not matter to me if BN or PR leads, just deal with the economy, that’s the issue.Read my lips, IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID! Stop all your nonsense, I can wait for PRU13! Will all you politicians please shut up,focus all your energies and just go get the economy right.Whether PR or BN rules Perak or Malaysia is useless if a large section of Malaysians have not enough food to eat, no job to go to and remain in poverty. IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID! Rice is more important than rights when all hell breaks loose in our economy.

Four, what I argued in the article is not what I want or like or whatsoever, ; I am playing the role of a sociologist. It is a socio-cultural reading of the Malays. I could be right, I could be wrong. But, note that it is a thematic problem; it will create impact in the longer run.

When the dusts settle, Malaysians especially the Malays (young and old) will have to decide what the core of Malaysian culture and society is. Where this society we call Malaysia was sired from?

At the end of the day, I bet it would be the Malay entity and culture, with the other sub-cultures acting as supporting actors/actresses and extras.At the very top, who are the keepers of the Malay culture? The Raja-raja Melayu.

Has the Perak royal family acted so wrongly and so zalim to be accorded such rude behaviour both by his subjects and those outside Perak? My answer is a BIG ‘No’. Do you think all the other Raja-raja Melayu are not affected and hurt too with the situation? If they are zalim, go ahead. Are they really zalim here? How do you think their working relationship be with future Pakatan's MBs?

In the area of culture, legal arguments take second place.

Take the Sultan to court if you must, but dont pelt him,be rude to him, show him the finger, screaming and shouting. Is that our culture? Is that how we want our children to behave towards us when they disagree with our desicions?

You decide.

Biadap, tetap biadap.


nouri farshad said...


Frogging per se is not wrong. There’s nothing wrong if the person wants to frog. That it self is not a problem. Who are we to tell him who he should join or don’t join? The thing that makes it proper or not is what happens after the frogging takes place. If it results in a change of status quo, there must be elections. If frogging takes place and changes the status quo and elections are not held, frogging is wrong because of the whole chain of events. Vice versa applies.

Elections as a waste of money? If we can pay so much for so many other things, I dun see why we can’t have another election. Want to save money? Cut down on the overseas trips. Dun pay for 200 ringgit screwdrivers. Don’t finance pro-aspirasi candidates in public universities. Trim the public service department, we’re paying so much for administration rather than research. Go for limited government. Ask them to read hayek, adam smith.

"Rice is more important than rights when all hell break loose in our economy."

If there are no rights, how can I get rice? Where is my right, and where can I find my right, to express that I want rice?
This is always a typical argument to maintain the status quo.

Culture. The only culture we have is feudalism. The feudalistic culture. Blind devotion to symbols.

If they hurt, then they should act. Not just keep silent or show silence. You can’t feel bad and blame others for it if yourself don’t intend or show any initiative to act for the better. Each individual is responsible for himself.

"Take the Sultan to court if you must, but dont pelt him,be rude to him, show finger, screaming and shouting."

What are all these acts compared to the acts of leaders who are suppose to protect the people but themselves live in extravagance with property that do not belong to them resulting in others not able to make an honest living and put food on the table for their children? It’s irreconcilable.

“It may be said that anti-riot law leaves a person free to express his principles in a non-provocative way. But that misses the connection between expression and dignity. A man cannot express himself freely when he cannot match his rhetoric to his outrage, or when he must trim his sails to protect values he counts nothing next to those he is trying to vindicate. It is true that some political dissidents speak in ways that shock the majority, but it is arrogant for the majority to suppose that the orthodox methods of expression are proper ways to speak, for this is a denial of equal concern and respect.”

anas zubedy said...

One of the greatest errors that we humans normally do is that when we judge others, we judge them with the ideal. Yet, when it is time to judge ourselves, we use reality as a benchmark.

That is the sickness that many Malaysians now face, on both sides of the fence :)

Unknown said...

Salam bro,

Again, I reiterate my agreement to your stand, and that is frogging is not good practice, as it does not show conviction and dedication to a cause - unless there were some really, really bad structural changes within the party that affected its policies, I maintain that the frogging culture shows a certain lack of backbone in the elected candidates.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anas,

I have update on my blog.

romerz said...

Same here.

Father Sez said...

DYMM Sultan is the Sultan of all the people of Perak, not just Muslims, UMNO, PR or Malays.

At the end of the day, DYMM has to answer to his conscience and God if what he did was the best he could do for the people of Perak, with all the powers and responsibility vested upon him.

Additionally DYMM has the further burden of being seen to have done the right thing.

My personal feeling is that DYMM will not pass the test of Surah An Nisaa, Verse 135.


Anonymous said...

Aye..aye.. captain