Friday, June 5, 2009

Book Signing this weekend - MPH Mid Valley and Popular IKANO

Come discuss and share your views with me on topics you can choose from the book.

Some of the topics are:-

- Personal development
- Bangsa Malaysia
- Why & how we can stop corruption
- How to be happy at work & at home.
- What top management looks for in top talent,
- And, many many... more.

Rough schedule:

First 10 – 15 minutes – arrival of the fashionably latecomers

The next half an hour - Chat session & Q&A

Last 15 minutes - Book signing session.

This weekend sessions:

Saturday (6 June 2009) – MPH Mid Valley from 1 to 2 p.m

Sunday (7 June 2009) – Popular, Ikano Power Center from 2.30 p.m to 3.30 p.m

See you this weekend!

Cheers and peace, anas


Anonymous said...

Your book sucks. It looks like a cut and paste job.

anas zubedy said...

Dear Anonymous,

It is a cut and paste job as it is a collection of the ads (read the title) we published from 2001-2008.

Whether it sucks or not, it depends on who does the blowjob. Anonymous blowjobs I reckon are from prostitutes :)

Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

pah nur said...

My dear Anononymous,
Why are you anonymous? hmm...I always advice my patients on their pre-wedding day,, "On your first night, LOOK before you suck, otherwise you will get F%$#@ked"...well THAT and "Don't talk with your mouth full", and last but certainly not least, "Remember, even though it is called a 'blow job', for longevity of the marriage's sake, puuh-leez don't blow it. It's one of those common misnomer that break marriages..." . Remember...the secret to longevity of a marriage is good conversation....{that an a good blow job :o)}
Hey Anas!! I have a couple of copies of your marvelous book, "Have a meaningful Malaysia" that I need you to sign. It'll be a great Christmas gift...Looking forward to the next series of books from Zubedy!!

"It's not about what the world has to offer you, it's what you bring into it."

Pek Yen said...

Hi Anas! Congrats on your new book! :) Wishing you all the best in your future undertakings :)

Razak Kalam said...

Anon is right. The book is a ripoff. crap quality and worse pricing. fingered thru it in borders and i thought to myself what a ripoff. U are just as bad as the politicians u loathe, trying to rip ppl off with a shit book.

And what does prostitutes has got to do with anon's comment? nice comeback. thought you crap book mentioned about patience and an open mind....

anas zubedy said...

Dear Razak Kalam,

TQVM for your feedback.

We can agree to disagree on the book.

As for the comeback, it was written in a jest; that is why there is a smiley after the comment.

Relax and take life easy bro; dont read anything with anger, and you will laugh instead of getting pist off at my comeback.

As for Pricing, well pricing is a very big subject in marketing and suffices to say not many Malaysians understand its dynamics. I will not give you a lecture here ...

But if you find RM46.00 too expensive, I have announced thru an advert that you are allowed to photocopy it if need be. That would be very cheap I think.

You can read the full advert here

Here’s the part about free to copy ...

Balancing business needs and a social cause

If you really cannot afford RM46.00for the book (one ringgit for each year since 1963 – the year Malaysia was born), go ahead and borrow one from a friend and photocopy it. I do not want you to feel guilty doing it. Only one for your own use, okay. (But, please do not make copies and start a business - that is my job!)

For the rest of you who can afford it, don’t be so cheapskatelah (especially my fellow brother and sister Penangites, we must not be too kiam siap ha!ha!), take out a RM50.00 bill, pay the RM46.00 and put the extra RM4.00 into the donation box by the cash counter.

Cheers and peace, anas