Sunday, June 21, 2009

The SISTERS - PAS saga and Syed Akbar Ali's book launch

Here are three articles from THE SUNDAY STAR today about the recent saga between certain segment of PAS and SISTERS. There is a good reason why I am blogging this issue with Syed Akbar's book launch: do buy his book(s - he has two earlier ones that is worth reading too), and you will understand why...

Syed's book was launched by Tun Dr Mahathir.

For The Sunday Star articles click here

To go to Syed's launch, click here


Walski69 said...

My report on the book launch here.

Too bad you were in Singapore at the time. Would've been great to catch up with you.

PahNur said... make it difficult for me to rest my injured finger, with topics like this!!!

"We run around in circles and suppose, when the truth sits in the middle and knows". =Stephan Hawking=
In this case, "truth" is the "good interpretation of the Quran, the words of God Himself". I wonder if the people screaming "Islam" actually are talking about the same interpretation of Islam. Maybe that is where the problems lie. Basic is to comprehend, WHY GOD BOTHERED TO SEND US HIS GUIDANCE in the first place. WHY?
And if the answer includes to "defend oppression especially amongst women and children, which has been the "history since the beginning of time post Eve eating that darn apple", then people are talking on the same turf, not in a "men from mars, women from venus" sense of it......

Banning is simply a shortcut from thinking and rationalizing. It's driven by pure insecurity and laziness actually. It's like a mom telling her teenage kid to "shut up!!" after knowing that she was about to loose an argument with her daughter, or it the argument is going to take up a lot of time felt wasted, when actually, a healthy argument would prove beneficial to both sides. That is why God had told us to be humble, not infested with ego, for ego blinds foresight and makes one myopic.

Actually, it's a good and free advertisement for SIS. Didn't really know such movement exists, now, I plan to indulge and observe and probably include it , if not this 5year plan, the next. How can one sit,sipping teh tarik reading this article, and not do anything when injustice is being served in plate of silver platter just as I'm typing this.

I think SIS should just tell these people (I'm using the term "people" because avowing the actual term in my mind won't get my comment published and that would be a shame) a simple fact and that fact would be "We are doing this simply because it is the right thing to do", stop sounding defensive. If you are in the right, what is there to be afraid of? If you are right, you are right. In order to know whether who is right and who is, well, not actually wrong,perhaps more of misguided by underutilized gray matter (this is not seditious eh, Anas? can publish ah?), we need to get back to basics and what best if it is non other than the words of God, the Quran. Problem with the words of human, everyone's got an agenda......