Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SUNNI - SYIA message of Peace by Tun Dr. M & H.E. S.M. Khatami

Note: This is a join appeal for peace.  Please help me spread this message of peace as best as you can. Via Facebook, Twitter, Emails, Blog, Letters, Conversations, Chats and etc.

Thank you,
Anas zubedy

A Joint Appeal to Sunnis and Shias

We, the undersigned, are greatly saddened by the violence and bloodshed which have characterised Sunni-Shia relations over time. Thousands have been killed in feuds between the two, mostly in certain Muslim countries. It is tragic that many innocent women and children have been among the victims.

Sunni-Shia animosity and antagonism have clearly weakened the Muslim ummah. It
has made us more vulnerable to the manipulations and machinations of outside
elements determined to subvert the unity and integrity of the ummah. It has allowed
those who seek to establish their hegemonic power over us to succeed in their

It is indisputable that Sunni-Shia antagonism and conflicts which have resulted in
massacres have tarnished the image and dignity of the ummah in the eyes of the world. Few other occurences in recent times have had such a negative impact.

We appeal to all Sunnis and Shias, bound as we are by the same faith in Allah, guided by the same Noble Quran, honouring the same last Messenger of Allah, and facing the same Kiblah, to desist from massacring and the killing one another immediately.


The two of us – a former Prime Minister from a Sunni majority state, and a former
President from an overwhelmingly Shia nation – also address this appeal to the
Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which represents all Muslims of whatever
sect or doctrine. The OIC could perhaps set up a task force that will examine the Sunni- Shia divide in depth and submit concrete proposals for the political and religious leaders of the ummah to act upon.

We also appeal to sincere, concerned individuals and civil society groups from all over the world to join in this endeavour to stop the violence and bloodshed and to promote peace and understanding between Sunnis and Shias.

This joint appeal will be widely circulated mainly through the online media. We shall
follow up on this appeal with other activities and programmes.

May Allah Subhanahuwataala guide us in all our humble efforts to serve Him.


Dr Mohd Faizal Musa said...

Mr Anas,
Ask Dr Mahathir why is his son Mukhriz stigmatizing the Shiites in Kedah now?

Anonymous said...

Dr Mohd Faizal,
Not seeing the forest for the trees? Vilify a man you hate even if his message is good?

And please provide some proof beyond reasonable doubt to back your claim. I can also ask how is it that the son of a prostitute can get a doctor/ate like you? Did I establish proof in my loaded questions?

Jong said...

Dear anonymous
Thank you for insulting. This is evidence that you want:
another link:
I have no problem with Tun M, and I am a good friend of Marina. But fact is fact, i asked a simple question. Why stigmatizing Shiites after signing this Joint Appeal?

Dr Mohd Faizal Musa UKM

Anonymous said...

And now its Tun M turn to contradict himself

Dr Mohd Faizal Musa

Anonymous said...

For Sunni muslims heads in Malaysia, please corrects ur Sunni muslims aqidah first.Its saddened that politics had deviates the muhibbah between urselves. Yet u start attacking the other non believers. Shia had truly victimised our sunni bros in the arab worlds physically. But in malaysia itself sunnis are against sunnis due to political gains. What happen now?