Friday, June 7, 2013

Thank You for Helping Poor People See.

I am glad to report that we managed to collect 423 pairs of glasses. What it means is you and I are helping 423 poor people to see and improving the quality of their lives. An underprivileged kid will be able to pick up a book and read it in two months. An unfortunate old man will get to see his grandchildren’s smiles clearer. A woman too poor to afford glasses will be able to help her children with their homework now that her eyesight is improved.

This is the effort of many people. Among them are individuals like Jasmin Rejab and Anne Hooi as well as institutions like SMK Cochrane. But, one man stood out from the rest.

His name is Mr Chan Kong Chan. He owns an optometry franchise in Penang, one that I have been going to since 1981( When I told him about Recycle for Sight, Mr Chan was quick to ask, “How many you want my friend? 100?”. But he ended giving 300 !!! Thank you brother!

On behalf of zubedy and Lion’s Club, we would like thank to everyone who has donated to this cause. You have already changed someone’s life for the better with your donation. Because of your help, the less fortunate ones now have better eyesight. 


Baca Quran said...

Anas, you have translated the word "Amal Ma'ruf" into substance. Well done brother!

Pak Man

Garrett said...

Good man this Mr. Chan!