Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fundamentally Flawed

To some Malaysians, asking voters to scrutinise and not to give a free ride to any candidate in the next general elections, plus to vote based on Reason, Conscience and the Constitution is considered fundamentally flawed. How ridiculous.

In trying hard to validate against a rational and judicious alternative view to ABU's unthinking, irresponsible and destructive approach towards decision making, many of the detractors try very hard to sound intelligent and sensible by suggesting that while the stand to scrutinise individual candidates is correct, it is 'not suitable' for 'the Malaysian political system.'

In a simple-minded way, this context of 'the Malaysian political system' does not seem to include the opposition parties. Thus, for example, it seems that UMNO and BN will use the whip to ensure all their lawmakers toe the line, but perhaps not PR. This is obviously naive.

Another favourite is to suggest that unlike America, our democracy is not matured enough to take what they see as an idealistic stand. Perhaps it is they who are not ready and this becomes a pretext to project their inability to think straight and unwillingness to act fairly as a representation of the Malaysian psyche. One can notice a lack of judgment when, even as it is claimed that we are not ready as the US, in the same breath they wish our politics to be more like theirs; complete with Presidential debates and all that. Ironic, because by promoting unthinking, party-based blanket votes, we move one step backwards from becoming this more matured democracy.

Yet the gold medal goes to this final argument. When all else fails, when they cannot argue with reason and conscience, when they do not want to listen or even consider an alternative standpoint, when they cannot accept an iota of difference of opinion, a majority will resort to name calling, abusive language and accusing the other as being bought over. They then spew the mantra, "if you are not with us then you are against us", leaving no room for a centrist position, no chance to just be a simple voter – a rakyat.

It is the willingness to sacrifice the journey for the goal, the means for the end, which is fundamentally flawed.

"They say the means are after all just means. I would say means are after all everything. As the means, so the end....If we take care of the means we are bound of reach the end sooner or later." Mahatma Gandhi

Until we give NO FREE RIDE to every candidate, no matter which party they may represent, we cannot stand proud and say that "WE, THE RAKYAT, ARE IN CHARGE".

anas zubedy


keny ryuu said...

Hi Anas, indeed what you said is true but becareful because you will soon be accused of polluting the mind of the voters or rakyat or forcing them to use their common sense or worst.. to think...which is quite a big deal when compared to the free ride with ang pau and further promises on longkang or jalan repair..

As you mentioned , the rakyat is also confused where we are heading ...but one thing for sure ...we always have an excuse if it doesn't fit a Datuk or Datin's agenda you said correctly ... " we are not there yet lah " ..." we cannot embrace this and that lah" ..including I must say the very basic freedom of speech and the right to think" that is really driving us towards the definition of a developed nation..

Sometimes what came out from a politician's mouth is so appalling and makes you wonder if there should be some kind of basic qualification as an MP. I think qouting Gandhi would be so strange and out of this world to some of the katak-katak ...something closer to home ...."Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih"

I have to say that the most ridiculous thing like you said is that when these people cannot argue and reason like an adult, professionally ..they like to throw in the tag of " this or that is threathening the status of this " or " this is threatening the so called stability or harmony ...etc etc ...somewhat similiar tactics used by the religious extremist .....

Anonymous said...


As much head scratching and soul searching I did to understand your posting, I still don't get it. Maybe be my intelligence is not that high. But that fault is totally mine, not yours.

However, fundamentally flawed or not, the Malaysian political scene does not and could not have room for the 3rd or alternate view. And therein lies the whole problem.

Malaysia has never had an ideal political scenario, and never will, if the majority of the people do not have the freedom of thought that you are lucky to have. And I think you know who should be blamed for that lack of freedom.

In reality, when GE13 comes, only two choices we are left with:
1) Do we allow corruption and power-abuse to continue?
2) Try for a change? A change is better than none at all.

This is my view, and my decision is already made. Never mind the "noises" from either sides.

Anonymous said...

I guess asking a multiracial party like DAP to apologize for the reasons you previously stated is fundamentally sound huh? Oh hey look, I think Hata Wahari has just proven that the Malays are really as allergic to DAP as you wish them to be. Anas, Anas, apalah nak jadi ngan ko bila BN tumbang nanti? Puak ko kat Yemen masih kenali ko x?

Hasnan said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Salam Anas're a high level thinking rakyat ..Congrats....