Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why I disagree with Anas Zubedy by harimsibrahim

In a letter to Malaysia Today, Anas Zubedy, who I have never met but heard much of through mutual friends, proffers the view that the approach of the Asalkan Bukan UMNO initiative is, to borrow his words, not the ‘right way to go’.

I do not share Anas’s viewpoint, not because I am directly involved in the ABU initiative, but because, with the greatest of respect, his rationale for his take is not only fundamentally flawed but, often, bordering on the ridiculously hilarious.

The ABU initiative looks to displace UMNO / BN from Putrajaya through the 13th General Election, by ensuring that the people wisen up to the wholesale looting of the national wealth that has taken place throughout UMNO / BN’s rule, particularly beginning since the days of Dr M up to the present and, to not allow them the requisite number of MPs in parliament so as to form the next federal government.

Implicit in Anas’s assertion is the erroneous assumption that ABU is anti-UMNO and pro-opposition.

ABU is determined to see UMNO /BN removed from Putrajaya post the 13th GE, not because we are pro-opposition, but because we are pro-rakyat.

And anyone who sincerely has the interests and welfare of the rakyat at heart knows full well that until the cancerous UMNO /BN is removed from Putrajaya, we, as a nation, are well on the way to becoming a banana republic.

Anas opines that not all in UMNO are bad. What if the UMNO candidate is better than the opposition? Who should we vote for?

Respectfully, Anas overlooks that today UMNO has become a whorehouse and a sanctuary for robbers and thieves. No decent soul would care to be associated with this lot for even one more day than they have to.

Kuli, I hope you are reading this.

Good men in UMNO?

They swear to defend, uphold and preserve our constitution before they take their seats in parliament, then shamelessly pass laws that would be struck down as unconstitutional if this nation were served by judges who feared God more than they did UMNO.

Remember the Peaceful Assembly Act?

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