Saturday, January 21, 2012

Telling the boss he is wrong: Career suicide or fast lane to promotion? by Lim May Lee - The STAR

Most of us baulk at the idea of indicating, even in the slightest manner, that the boss is anything but god-like in his decisions and ideas.

“Let’s do X merger” “Yes, boss!”

“I think the sky is green today” “Yes, boss!”

People who do nothing but agree sycophantically are scorned as ‘yes’ men, but is the alternative even possible? We’ve all felt the pressure to stay in the boss’ good books, and one of the easiest steps seems to be to agree with said boss. Right?


Stating a fact or airing an opinion that contradicts your boss is not necessarily career suicide. In fact, doing so may show that you have courage as well as a working brain, both of which are positive characteristics that may work well in your favour when it comes to your annual appraisal! That said, you are not advised to embarrass your boss or openly cause dissent, because that would be unprofessional and can come off as petty or vicious. Here are 5 easy steps you could take to make your point or stand without ruffling any feathers.

It doesn't always have to be the boss' way or the

1. Above and beyond everything else, remember that your boss is still your boss. That means respecting his or her authority; so watch that tone. It’s important to phrase your points carefully, eg: “I understand your point, but…” Avoid, at all costs, saying things like “This is MY area of expertise,” as it will automatically make your boss go on defensive mode and may lead to sparring matches from which you will definitely emerge the loser.

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