Sunday, January 31, 2010

BFM-Zubedy UNITY SERIES - Malaysia, Race and Ketuanan Melayu

January 28, 2010.


Anonymous said...

Anas, I hav been a follower of ur blog n big fan of ur many colors,1 race concept.
Would like to know what you have got to say regarding Datuk Nasir Safar's racist comment and slur on Chinese n Indians (ironically during a 1Msia event n he's aide of PM).
I myself have also been thrown with such racist comments during BTN course. I am not,by all means, a racist but a Malaysian like u, but everytime when such incident happens (not 1 time), I find my confidence towards 1Msia shaken n weakened. I keep asking myself is 1Msia worth we fighting for or was it just something only exists in utopia,if it does exist.
Please enlighten me and restore my faith with your words of wisdom. Please tell me it's what all Malaysians should fight for. Thank you, macha Anas, for giving me hope.

Ida Bakar said...

I supposed what you meant by Ketuanan Melayu is the local culture should take precedent - perhaps this should include those of the Kadazan-Dusun and Iban, and also Baba-Nonya and the Mamaks. But to'kongs and the kuils and gurdwaras has been part of Nusantara too. It does get complicated, doesn't it. The basis of nation building is common history (we don't have this), common language (bring back Bahasa Malaysia, not bahasa melayu), common culture (hey we all eat rice, what?) and common belief (in the nation of Malaysia?). WE got it almost right once, we can do it again.

As for you love of peribahasa, here is one for you: mati semut kerana gula. Mati manusia kerana gula-gula (obesity, diabetes)

kita anak melayu said...

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ataku klik

Anonymous said...

I am bemused. You expect to believe that you are not a RACIST, for an ARAB who called himself a BUMI.


RAZI said...

Dear Anas,last Saturday I went to Jenderam Hilir( located after Bangi) to visit my brother and his family.On the way back I stopped at a very popular warong kopi in Teras Jernang that specialises in cucur udang. It was drizzling.Than I saw this Budak Melayu calling out to this Budak India to hand over about three packs of drinks.

The Budak melayu told me kami biasa beri minumuan kepada mereka (India) ini bang. The Indian brothers were collecting rubbish in this predominantly Malay Kampung.They were workers with the rubbish collecting contractor.

There was no race or barrier.Just Good Deeds between Mankind.It was not Malayu or Indian.Just People like us Malaysians.It was touching.Thought I should share it with you.

Anas, the Rakyat has no Kaum issues. Its only some politicians who are out to score points - for themselves as champions by playing one against the other.

We have always been 1 Malaysia