Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two more articles on " Allah " - The Star today


Finding the middle path

It is not always right to use our rights. In matters of religion, history, logic and reason must not apply exclusively. Emotions must be regarded.

THE desecration of several places of Christian worship must be condemned as a shameless and mindless atrocity. A democratic society does not resolve disputes through violence.

It is obvious that we have in our midst a lunatic fringe that has no understanding of religion or of the Constitution or of the traditions of tolerance and multi-culturalism that made Malaysia an exemplar for all other plural societies. To read further click here


Seeking harmony in Malaysia

When religion becomes subservient to political agendas, it often becomes a tool for politicians who misconstrue the religion’s basic principles. The goal must be living together harmoniously. The goal is freedom of conscience.

IF a Muslim proselytised outside St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, he might find a cold welcome. He would be legally within his rights. But he would be socially provocative.
The same can be said for the Malay language–edition of the Catholic monthly, The Herald, which decided to use the word “Allah” in reference to the Christian God. To read further click here

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Anonymous said...

"Tan Sri Dzulkifli of USM has pointed out that in the Malay translation of the Bible, the word Allah is used to refer to the Lord God but Mary, Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Michael and other revered figures are not given their Arabic names".

I wish to point out that Professor Shag and Tan Sri Dzulkifli of USM is grossly mistaken in this. In the BM Bible (Al kitab)the names of the prophets are also in arabic - Mariam for Mary, Yusuf for Joseph, Noh for Noah, Musa for Moses etc.

Where will this stop? Now prohibited from using the word Allah, next all arabic words such as nabi, kitab, malaikat, amin, names of prophets? Then to demolish any religous symbols, statues and crosses in the church as suggested by the UMNO MP from Johore in Parliament because muslim are sensitive?

Anonymous said...


sang kancil said...


I must say this is one Iman who is bound by the Quran and the true teachings of Prophet. Religion must NEVER be politicised.

Anonymous said...

This issue shows that many of us don't read enough history. But quick enough to offer opinion. Example..."Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaysia"...don't know fact, don't talk la deyyyy....

Anonymous said...

ironically, there is a lack of correct and proper islamic education here hence the fear that some will be confused although confined to only a small group. it is not right to opress other religions to counter this problem. not right to the oppressed but more importantly not right for the minority who are confused. educate then now. correct the problem at the root now. after many years of progress in this motherlans of ours, how can this small group of confused individuals be oppressed any futher? if left unattended, it only proves that materialism has taken centre stage with no regards to the spirituality. we have the resources, so just do it. dont let the confused be left confused.