Thursday, January 28, 2010

Najib & Anwar 's articles in WSJ

Najib's here

Anwar's here

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Anonymous said...

Brother I respect you, pls resist the dark side! Good must always prevail over evil. May God give you the courage and wisdom to see the truth. The kangaroo court the behest of N&R. The nation and its people have to endure more shame from this half past six ********. Pardon my muted French but enough is enough! We should get rid of leaders who wantonly drag the nation and its institutions through mud just to fulfill their selfish goals. The foreign diplomats present at the trial can see for themselves the kind of judiciary we have. Do you think they would want to invest their money in a country where its judiciary can be manipulated to the whims and fancies of a few? I'm apolitical but this makes me really sick! No mas! No mas!

"Inglorious Bastards"