Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christian and Muslim can be best of friends ...


zahid ismail said...

dear anas,
i was jubal's neighbour di madras lane in the early 80's. reading your piece betul2 touching. i remember you. you were tall, slim and rambut curly. apa you described about him memang betul. he was a rocker. he introduced me to the music i listen now. so many things i learned from him, his brother darrel and his parent. although i'm a muslim, they treated me like their family. i missed him and the old good times.
thank you anas for bringing back these memories. may Allah blessed you.


Demsi Jake said...

Recently every blogsite that i've used to visit have turned into a warzone. And it all began from a word. It is just sad to see how irresponsible certain people can be leashing out whatever they can think of and to be honest I'm really saddened by such event.

"The wind of anger blows out the lamp of intelligence." Anonymous

But it's nice to see your blog still give good reminder and encouragement that we can live together harmoniously. I really thank you for sharing such a beautiful story with your late-good friend and thank you.

May Peace be with you

WNA said...

Jake and who ever else, it was NOT just ANY word..this is about whom you pray and totally SUBMIT yourself to. So, it IS an important WORD, and therefore, people will say so much about it. Get that right! My best friends are people who practise faiths different from mine. No problem with that. Living in Malaysia or elsewhere means having friends of different faiths and respecting the different faiths - and these are not the issues in this blog or related to the court's decision. So, Anas or who ever can share whatever story about friendship of people of different faiths. So, what..?! That story has little bearing or depth to the real issues. At the end of the day, everyone has to be VERY CLEAR that for Muslims (who truly understand Islam or Non-Muslims who truly understand Islam), there is ONLY ONE GOD and that ONE GOD IS ALLAH, and ALLAH can be referred to using any of HIS 99 HOLY NAMES. 99 Holy Names do NOT EQUATE to 99 Gods, or 3 Gods rolled into 1 (trinity) or whatever. ONE and ONLY ONE! God = Tuhan vs. God = ALLAH are fundamentally different. The fundamental belief or essence of belief for each is different. God = Tuhan is general, and a "loose" or a relaxed way of looking at whom you pray or totally submit yourself to. God = ALLAH is specific in terms of who you pray and totally submit yourself to. It is specific because it touches on the Islamic tenets. Muslims believe, follow and practise the Islamic tenets. Non-Muslims do not believe, follow and practise (or even know) the Islamic tenets. To some, God = 3 Tuhan (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) all rolled into 1. Fine with that..and please respect that belief. To some others, God = ALLAH, the ALMIGHTY (i.e. He who does not have a child or children, or have parents, or have a spouse - like humans that He created) and as such, God = Tuhan CANNOT be equated or interchanged with God = ALLAH. By the way, "He" does NOT mean that God the Almighty is male - like human males! I am no Imam but I am NOT CONFUSED, and I am confident in my belief. Get that right!

Demsi Jake said...

@wna I understand your frustration and let me apologize in advance if i did offend you with my earlier posting. There have been too many people trying to prove themselves in all blog sphere.

If that is your believe and i shall respect that. i want to see an end to all quarrel over such trivial matter. It's just like fighting over the word ROJAK, should the word ROJAK be exclusive for MUSLIM or NON-MUSLIM as both are different kind of Rojaks. :)