Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tun Dr Mahathir is saying that 9/11 was staged

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is going to be BIG!!!

I guess he is striking back at the US. Anyway, the theory is not new. I got my sisters in the US to send me the DVD and have viewed the entire documentary

" In Plane Sight " sometime ago where the producer showed the many inconsistencies with the official report about 9/11.

It is unfortunate that those who are not crazy about Tun is focusing on the part that he said " If they can make Avatar, they could make anything ". That was not the main message. It was just a passing statement. Read it in full here.

You guys are missing the point - the message is that Tun has accused the West as the people responsible for the 9/11 attack.

Whether you like Tun or not, a prominent man with an international standing has open up the Pandora’s box!

I am all excited . I have waited for years for someone prominent to bring this matter up and ... how often can you see Antares and Tun on the same page?!!!.

Do not judge nor decide until you have watched this documentary and it's critic– click

For a quick look, click here .
(Note that at the Pentagon you dont see any plane wreckage at all.)

Put your politics aside, and go seek for the Truth :)

Peace, anas


Ayda said...

I personally do not think that people in the US is going to care much over what Tun had to say, sorry... regular folks... prominent people have been saying the same thing for years... they just ignore them all... but then you will never know

Kenn said...


Use "Secret Rulers of the World" as search phrase in youtube. There are 29 video parts all together, each video is about 10 minutes length.

I have downloaded all about a year or more ago. Hope they are still there at the youtube, the same videos.

Have not watched all the 29 videos but the first few ones, already made me convinced of something.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. "Avatar" the origin, meaning and concept is uniquely Hindu.

Anonymous said...

What utter rubbish, especially coming from the mouth of Mahathir! - someone who will say something & then
conveniently 'forgets' about it later. He is not a respected M'sian leader and cannot be trusted.

Nor do I believe the govt's (UMNO) spin that the mastermind behind the church arsons is Anwar Ibrahim.

We cannot believe what our govt says anymore, most are just lies.

There is no concrete evidence that US staged 9/11 & Al Qaeda/Osama has proudly took credit of the attack. In fact, there are many evidence pointing it to Al Qaeda. Their acts of terrorism do not just include US but many other countries as well.

If US can stage Avatar, the documentary 'In Plane Sight' can be staged as well.

I hope Malaysians will wake up and find the truth themselves and not be fooled by our corrupted BN govt. Otherwise, we find ourselves really living in Avatarland.

Anonymous said...

i knew you were fraud.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir's words are full of venom & hatred. He condones the killing of the entire Jewish race. The killing of any human being is wrong regardless of their race & religion.

Mahathir is no different from Hitler, Al Qaeda terrorist or Bush who declared war on Iraq.

He is just a bitter old man full of hatred. Nobody cares what he says.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is NOT going to be BIG!

The world is not going to blink an eye or lose sleep over this, I'm afraid.

Umm...just wondering why didn't you mention the other offending issue he so blatantly spoke about. The one that was conveniently left out by The Star.

Bundy said...

U are just as far fetched as TDM...talking crao, when u are just a businessman trying profit from the politics by trying to ramp up ur image. U started well, then after awhile, u are just full of it too.

nsara31 said...

Don't he knows the difference between Avatar(movie)and reality..let say if American is good in making all what are Malaysian good with..arson holy places?

Anonymous said...

LOL!! If the US wanted to make war on the muslim world, they don't need to blow up their own landmarks.

All they had to do was falsify intelligence on weapons of mass destruction, which they did in Iraq.

Have some respect for the victims of the terrorist act, and have some common sense. No one needs to create a reason to go to war with the middle east countries, there are plenty of reasons as it is.

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone big as him has spoken! Im excited too! Down the illuminati and lets hope the new world order is cease

Anonymous said...

Please dont write comments when u avnt done ur studies readers with hatred for Tun. He know what he is saying. These attacks are part of the 'new world order' plan. Google and search it in youtube and see the many videos and evidence there first before saying anything. These 'powerful people' are there and they are carrying it out. They also plan to reduce world's population from 6bil to 500mil and they can do it easily! h1n1 was one of think they cant?? they are making a one world, one government. You guys dont know what u are saying, you dont know whats going on. Do your studies first.
Tun obviously has more knowledge than all of you. He has personnaly met with most of the leaders, you dont know what are they talkking about and he has ruled a country, Have you?? do you have what it takes?? He obviously knows much more about whats going on.
At first i was skeptical when i was researching about the attacks and many more of thier plans, but thwn Tun finally spoke about exited. It is true my bros...just wait and see. Dont be a victim to the zionists. Obama has no power, he cant say shit. He is just a puppet.
Go search 'new world order'. And the best part of the 9/11 is that suddenly 3000-4000 people working at the building are on leave..hmm..
dont just see michael moore's there are much more evidence and where the hell is osama?? why cant they find him? u think he is real? dont u think he is an american too?? the ladens are long time buddies with the bushes. What do you know? please be very afraid as they are coming. And im 100& with Tun. You know know nothing about it.
My uncle is a prominent guy, very very big and he himself said this is all true, and my uncle had PHd, wut u got? im not mad at u guys but please study first..what is the world bank?? you, me and everyone here are all slaves of the world! the money you have is just a piece of paper printed by them and loaned to banks and you will always be in debt no matter what! unless u have gold bars kept in your house!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the number of twits who cannot spell trying to tell everyone else to think laterally!

The "Tun" is hashing more "tonnes" of shite as ever and has definitely gone senile and the rest of you need to get an education and open your eyes! He is such a has been - this is the only way he can make any news nowadays.

If you want a conspiracy theory look at your own backyard! Why worry about a crime Al Qaueda has already repeatedly agreed was their doing?!

Andrew said...

Several points.

Who exactly do you mean when you say "the US"?

a) If it's the US government:

i)the Democrats, under President Clinton, were the government from 1993 to 2001. In Jan 2001, the Republican President Bush took over and in Sept, the attacks occurred.
ii)Do you mean the Democratic administration planned the attacks, which then continued amid a change in the White House when Bush became president? And President Bush who just took over went along with the whole plan (from a Democratic administration no less)? That stretches credulity.

iii)Or did the new Republican government, just several months old, orchestrate such a huge and meticulous cover-up which displayed evidence of being pre-planned for years? If so, the Malaysian government can learn some of their super efficient techniques to get things done.

iii)Clearly, it's ridiculous to think that the Democrats planned it all and carried it out after the change in administration (where the people rallied behind the Republican President Bush, so they did not benefit). And it's not really logical to think that the new Republican administration planned it all in a span of 9 months.

b) Some secret quasi-governmental department.

i)If it was some secret quasi-government organization like the MiB that orchestrated the whole thing, without approval from the administration, can we really blame the US government, who was not aware of it and blame "the US" whoever they are?

So, who exactly is "the US"? Who staged it? Can we blame the US government? Or the US people?

Some of these sensationalist claims are not well thought through. Some people are letting their personal world views and biases against "the West", another amorphous entity with no clear definition which people in "the West" can actually mutually agree upon, cloud their judgement and impair their thinking processes.

My Hour With God said...

I just had a chat with my colleagues (of few nationalities) and we can concur with Andrew without fear nor favour. We have to be sensible and think rationally. There is no question about it that all politicians including Tun M enjoys benefits of being a minister. But accusing the US of staging own attacks is not logical at all. Please read Andrew's comments that have clear explanations and analysis of the situation. I am glad to read such remarks.
I hope his comments would be duplicated elsewhere.
By the way, sudden emergence of articles like this and many more to come shows election in Malaysia is coming. If you guys are not seeing this ultimate point, then really you are actually missing the point!
Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

In reply to Andrew and My Hour With God, if you did enough research about 9/11, you'll be convinced that something bad is going on in the world, not just about Malaysia. Maybe not all the information is true, but when there are so many people taking so much trouble to speak up about something, there's gotta be some truths in there.

Specific to your points of doubts, look up "war is a racket" and look up how the US Democrat/Republican campaigns are really funded by the same groups of corporations, which are headed by the "elites". To rationalize on why war was/is 'necessary', look up "economic hitman" and you'll understand how the World Bank and IMF played a role in creating debts upon other nations to 'siphon' off resources, one way or the other, i.e. warfare. Also look up Afghanistan linked to Taliban destroying opium production. 9/11 was (claimed, if you will) meant to garner public support for war in Iraq. Or the recent war in Libya, look up the introduction of gold standard by Gaddafi. Because of "fractional reserve banking", the elites 'owns' nations including the US, hence the US military (with political backing, which they control with funding anyway).

And look up "RFID chips" linking it to "cashless monetary system" and that 90%+ of money in an economy is digital. Linking that to our MyKAD implementation makes me cringe. Not that I'm accusing the current government has something to do with it, but I just hope we're not under the manipulation of a grand scheme.

Most importantly, look up The Zeitgeist Movement, of which the founder Peter Joseph released 3 films that could articulate all the above very well.

If you think these are just some spooky X-files kind of conspiracy theories, then you are really not open enough to weigh all the evidences available, much less draw deliberate conclusions.