Saturday, January 16, 2010

The right to call each other “Macha” !

Good news!

As a twist to the tussle to the word “Allah”, where two opposing groups have created Facebook groups for and against the use of the word for all Malaysians, there is another interesting group created that has the potential of uniting both of these differing groups..

A bunch of young Malaysians have formed “We support the right for all Malaysians to refer to each other as "macha".

Although I have made it a point not to join any Facebook grouping, this one nearly got me to sign on!

In these trying times where many words are considered sensitive, the ability to call each other “macha” is a brilliant and fun twist that adds value to the situation.

It is also a gentle reminder to laugh at ourselves and chill out a little.

So Malaysians, let’s do a little chilling and cackle more. I recommend both those who are for and against the word “Allah” to find a common ground by taking the first step and call each other “macha”.

What do you say Macha?

Peace, MachaAnas


Unknown said...

macha should say: "macha..teh tarik satu, buih kasi lebih, roti canai satu, kasi potong itu roti canai, kuah kasi banjir taruk atas" :)..yeah, m'sian should chill and find something better to do rather than fighting for something that is not suppose to be an issue in the first place. M'sian should do aktivity bercucuk tanam ke, berenang style kupu2 ke, anything la as long as everyone is happy and x kacau org lain. - ar-

mel*r said...


well said.

if only this 'passionate kecohness' was directed towards something productive.......that would benefit all Malaysians..


funnyfella said...

Very good idea, in this trying times everyone should chill and be sensible.Take a good look at your neighbors and you will find that they are another human being like you and me. Macha ok.

AMIR said...

what are u on about?

panda_head_curry said...


Come on board! I've saved a seat for you.

Woo hey!

P.S., We're happy to be considered "young".

Anonymous said...

Macha, Bro, An'nai, Bhaiya, Abang--tak kan kita nak "patent" these also for exclusive use of one race/religion....aiyooo chill lah, m;sians are generally pandai and boleh "berfikir". take a chill pill - no need to naik kan darah!!!!