Thursday, March 5, 2009

all I want for March 8 is ...

This Sunday March 8th is International Women’s Day and the one year anniversary of the Malaysian 12th General Election. I will blog something this Sunday for the IWD, I better do as Marina has sent a few of us blogger mates and I a gentle reminder :P

But today, let me introduce to you the Lagu Tema March 8. If you like it and agree with the message, pls sing and spread it. Parents pls teach your children to sing and spread it too.

Zubedy facilitators Sharon, Sudesh and Sheikh have kindly prepared a video example. As you will see, they really need the training job ...he!he!

Here’s the lyrics

All I want for march 8 is a two year truce,
A two year truce,
A two year truce!
All we want for march 8 is a two year truce,
Malaysian politicians please listen to us!!!

Sharon, Sudesh and Sheikh, thank you so much. As usual you guys know how to work hard and play hard, love you guys!


dhena said...

hey anas..

first you get your facilitators to moonlight.. then you say they need their day job..

hhhhmm reality bites..


Anonymous said...

Is it Christmas already?

Raveen said...

Hi Anas,

Will you be creating a Facebook group soon? You really should - it would be great to see how many other Malaysians support your decision. You have indeed taken the first step - Thank you


pah nur said...

All I need for March 8
Is for those darn dawgs to stop pissin' on the same tree
the same tree
the same tree...........aha..aha...
(jigijigigik...hit it DJ)

Abdullah said...

get your groove on mate... ;)