Sunday, March 15, 2009

Malaysiakini – I wonder why?

I subscribe to Malaysiakini. Their tagline says, “News and views that matter ".

Yet there is no mention of my appeal letter (at all) calling for truce, which I really think that it does fall into “News and views that matter” as so many Malaysians seems to share the same feelings and thoughts. (I decided to make a search today. Malaysian Insider carried quite a few write up on it)

Almost every English speaking person I know have spoken and showed concern about it. The DPM even wrote an acknowlegdement about it at his blog and capped his 'mini budget' speech saying he has considered it. (The first national level politician that acknowledged and gave support to the letter was Dr Koh of GERAKAN).

So, I am curious. Why has Malaysiakini completely ignored it? Who owns Malaysiakini? Did someone direct them not to mention or acknowledge it? Are the people behind Malaysiakini against the call for truce?

Anyone can provide a rational explanation?

Hmm .. come to think of it ... the Malay dailies have been silent too ... ????? or did I missed it?

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Anonymous said...

not everything can be 'demanded'. live with it